Susan Nees
About D.L. Green & Emily Wallis

D.L. Green is a nickname for Debra Lynn Green. Debra is crazy about ponies and puppies. She also loves her family, her dog, Edna, horseback riding, hiking, reading, writing, and ice cream. Debra lives in Southern California and used to work as a lawyer. She loves giving writing workshops and talks at schools, libraries, and conferences for students, teachers, and writers. She is also the author of the Zeke Meeks series and other books for kids.

Matt Loveridge

Emily Wallis is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. Emily loves everything to do with horses—and they’re her favorite animals to draw! Emily’s work is traditionally hand-drawn, either with watercolor and pencil, or pen and ink. Emily earned an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration from the University of Brighton. Silver Pony Ranch is her first children’s book series.

About Tori & Miranda

Tori is nine years old and she loves ponies! Her pony is named Jewel. Jewel can be a bit wild and she likes to go fast—just like Tori!

Matt Loveridge

Miranda is Tori's younger sister. Miranda likes ponies, but she loves puppies even more! Her pony is named Buttercup. Miranda’s favorite color is pink and she enjoys braiding hair.

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  • "The greatest need in reading today is bridging our children from picture books to grade level text."
    – Patrick Daly, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Classroom and Community Group, Scholastic Inc.

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  • "[W]e are absolutely desperate for these books. Thank you for recognizing and addressing [this] monumental gap in the market"
    – Andrew Medlar, Youth Materials Specialist, Chicago Public Library

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  • "[These] books are not just for the reluctant reader, but also for the reader who wants to feel successful in his/her reading."
    – Cyndi Giorgis, Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas

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