David Lubar
David Lubar & Matt Loveridge

David Lubar is no stranger to strangeness, having written all sorts of weirdly funny books such as Beware the Ninja Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales. He has a girl cat with a boy's name, a left-handed guitar, and a small collection of plush arachnids. He sometimes uses a big word like "arachnid" when a small word like "spider" would work just fine, but he's basically a nice guy otherwise. Though he grew up in Morrisotwn, NJ, and now lives in Nazareth, PA, he makes frequent visits to the Looniverse to snatch ideas from Ed and the gang.

Matt Loveridge

Matt Loveridge and strange are like old friends–they go way back. Right from birth there have been strange coincidences in his life. When he was born he weighed 13 pounds, he wears size 13 shoes, and to top it all off he's 13 feet tall. Okay, maybe he's not 13 feet tall, but he is the tallest little brother in his family. Now that he's all grown up, he likes hiking, biking, and drinking milk from the carton. He lives in the mountains of Utah with his wife and kids, and their black dog named Blue.

About Ed

Ed is a normal kid–until he finds a strange coin, and his life goes from beyond boring to beyond wacky.

  • "[A] silly book that will pull kids in with the goofy plot and the fun black-and-white illustrations."
    – School Library Journal

  • "The greatest need in reading today is bridging our children from picture books to grade level text."
    – Patrick Daly, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Classroom and Community Group, Scholastic Inc.

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  • "[W]e are absolutely desperate for these books. Thank you for recognizing and addressing [this] monumental gap in the market."
    –Andrew Medlar, Youth Materials Specialist, Chicago Public Library

  • "[These] books are not just for the reluctant reader, but also for the reader who wants to feel successful in his/her reading."
    –Cyndi Giorgis, Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas

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