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Download Lauren Tarshis’s exciting narrative nonfiction article "Blood, Smoke and Freedom," about the experiences of one of the young soldiers featured in the Virtual Field trip. Click on the level that’s right for your students.

Read Before You Watch

Your students will journey to the days of the American Revolution — and onto the battlefield — through Lauren’s I Survived book. Use the book as a class read-aloud before or after the field trip. 


About Lauren Tarshis

Lauren Tarshis’s acclaimed and bestselling I Survived series, which has more than 25 million copies in print and digital formats since its launch in 2010, tells stories of young people and their resilience and strength in the midst of unimaginable disasters. For each book in the series that has captivated kids and educators alike, Tarshis has conducted extensive research on topics such as the sinking of the Titanic, the destruction of Pompeii, Hurricane Katrina, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and now on the war that brought the United States its independence in I Survived the American Revolution, 1776. In addition to being an author, Lauren oversees the ELA magazines for Scholastic Classroom Magazines, and is the editor of Storyworks. She lives in Connecticut, and can be found online at laurentarshis.com.

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