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Justice by the people

A Civics, History, and
Language Arts Program

FREE Lesson Plans and Printables!

Bring the U.S. Constitution and the jury system to life for middle school students! These updated lesson plans and student worksheets now support key skills.

Make Your Case

Make Your Case is a courtroom trial simulation in which students control the action as they experience a real courtroom setting. Before you begin, use the Teaching Guide to help incorporate the game into your classroom.

Additional Resources

The history of juries

The History of Juries

Find out how the jury system as we know it came about—and how different it was in the past! Explore the history of juries from the signing of the Magna Carta to today.

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ABOTA Civics Resources

Find more classroom resources at www.ABOTACivics.org. The ABOTA Foundation has created resources and opportunities for teachers and students to grow in their knowledge of the Constitution, the judicial system, and civic engagement.

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