Scholastic Literacy Partners

Scholastic Literacy Partners: Increasing the School to Home Connection

Is garnering parental involvement in literacy efforts a challenge? Do your local community groups (PTAs and other Parents groups, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, etc.) have the desire to promote literacy amongst your students, but need the tools?

Then Scholastic Literacy Partners might be your solution.

Studies clearly show that the best way to increase literacy is to increase children's access to books. What better way to increase access then by allowing the child to build his or her own library of books in their very own home? What better way to engender parental involvement in literacy efforts by permanently bringing books into the homes of those who need them most? Scholastic Literacy Partners makes this happen.

Scholastic Literacy Partners is a program to support the literacy efforts of organizations nationwide, with one common goal: getting more books into the hands and homes of needy children and families. Any non-profit (501c3), state agency, community organization or corporation that is engaged in distributing books to children and/or their families free of charge is eligible to join. Learn More

Benefits of becoming a Scholastic Literacy Partner:
• Discounts of up to 75% on our high-quality best-selling books
• Ten FREE Bonus Books for every $150 spent
• FREE shipping and handling
• FREE support materials, including our Literacy Partners newsletter and online resources

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