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Administrator Magazine


Enter Now to honor Your School(s) and Be Recognized for What You Do

Here’s your chance to tell other school administrators about successful new methods and solutions you’re employing in your school or district. Tell us about a recent program you’ve instituted that measurably improves student achievement, boosts teacher retention, increases accountability, contains costs, or otherwise makes your school or district better. Our Scholastic Administr@tor editors will regularly choose the best entries and feature them in the magazine's District Picks department as well as on this web site. Keep in mind that as long as you grant permission, a third-party (i.e. vendor) may enter your district into this awards program.

Please complete the following and click Submit. Required information is shown in boldface type and is preceded by an asterisk (*). All other information is optional.

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1. *In 300 words or less: Describe what your district/school has done. Detail the implementation process and the products used. Include the date the project/implementation began.
2. *In 300 words or less: Describe the results of the project. Are they quantifiable?
3A. Feel free to attach any supporting documents, which may include testimonials, press releases, white papers, case studies, or a web link (max size 60K)
3B. *If attaching a photo, max size 60K. (Review Terms and Conditions)**
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