Superheroes TurfMutt & the Outdoor Powers are on a mission to teach kids and families backyard science, including how to take better care of the green spaces around them. With the activities in this new hands-on science program, you can help them save the planet one yard at a time.

Join Turfmutt and friends in February 2015 for more lesson plans, games, and activities and a chance to win $5,000 to improve your school’s green space!

Activity 1Explore soil erosion caused by the likes of Dust Demon with this interactive STEM experiment.

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Activity 2The Outdoor Powers never work alone—take a look at the role plants play in slowing down global warming.

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Turf Mutt

Meet the Real Lucky

Families should love, appreciate, and take care
of the everyday green space around them. Lucky, once a stray pup and now an
Earth-conscious canine superhero, knows that well!

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Turf Mutt Saving the planet one yard at a time!

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