Adam Henderson is the leader of the Trackers. Hes been slinging code and fixing computers since about the time he learned how to walk. At the age of ten, his dad set him up with the Vault, the back room of Henderson's Computer Repair Shop.
If a piece of hardware ends up in the Vault, it means it's an orphan: someone dropped off and never picked it up. Adam uses his brilliant programming and hardware skills to re-imagine what these relics can be.
Finn may not be very good with computers, but he's great on a skateboard. Finn is fearless, makes friends easily, and becomes Adam's first true friend.
Where all the other Trackers are pretty serious about missions, Finn is totally laid back. He helps all the Trackers not take themselves quite so seriously.
Emily is smart, pretty in a tomboy sort of way, and a total taskmaster. Her perfectionism sometimes rubs the rest of the Trackers the wrong way, but she's totally devoted to Adam, Finn and Lewis, and she'd never turn her back on them.
Lewis is a true geek. He loves sci-fi movies, he plays 'World of Warcaft' all the time, he's shy, and a little bit awkward. But he's also someone who notices things the other Trackers don't.
All too often, what hes worried about is something that actually comes to pass.
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