The Seventh Tower
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The Seventh Tower
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Mila Spirit Shadow Tal Fashnek Storm Shepard
Storm Shepard

Storm Shepherds in Aenir, Adras and Odris spent their time guarding the sacred places of the spirit world. They used their cloud-bodies to float, rain, and fly, and were generally quite content.

Then they met Tal and Milla, a Chosen boy and an Icecarl girl. Tal and Milla had broken the rules of Aenir, so Adras and Odris had no choice but to punish them . . . with death. But Tal and Milla were different from other humans the Shepherds had encountered, and in a stranger turn of events Adras and Odris became their free Spiritshadows instead.

Now Adras and Odris have been torn from the only world they've ever known, sent on a nearly impossible mission to save the Castle.

And unfortunately, being a Spiritshadow, even a free one, takes a lot of getting used to. . .