Throw Your Own Miss Spider Birthday Party

Author David Kirk

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New Picture Book!
Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch School
by David Kirk
Ages 4-7

In this, the second Little Miss Spider adventure, the adorable tiny spider is preparing for her first day at Sunny Patch School. Full of excitement and anticipation, she tries hard to, but just can't master her new lessons. In the end, however, she discovers that her true talent is kindness. As the principal says, praising Little Miss Spider after she rescues one of her classmates:

Our gifts, they are many:
We hop, fly, and crawl.
But kindness, he said,
Is the finest of all.

Miss Spider's ABC
by David Kirk
Ages 4-7

From ant to zebra butterfly, Miss Spider's friends are preparing for her surprise birthday party in this exquisitely illustrated ABC picture book. Each turn of the page reveals another fun and fanciful guest, from ladybugs and moths to net-wings and owlflies. Anticipation mounts as everyone waits for Miss Spider's arrival. Hailed as one of today's most imaginative artists, David Kirk takes us once again into his wondrous world with this ABC book for all ages.

Click on the cover to see a few party preparations!

Little Miss Spider
by David Kirk
Ages 4-7

Click on the cover for information about this adorable book that takes us back in time to the very first day of Miss Spider's life!

Miss Spider's Tea Party
by David Kirk
All Ages

"So why do insects run away, As they catch sight of me, When all that I am trying to do, Is ask them in for tea?"

So wonders a solitary Miss Spider, unaware that her fellow bugs, terribly afraid of a creature so seemingly different, dare not even consider attending her party. events unfold, they see how gracious a spider she really is. In this, his first picture book, David Kirk creates 35 arresting paintings and original verse about an enticing arachnid and a host of other many-legged creatures. Readers of all ages will cheer for Miss Spider in this engaging tale that may also be read as a counting book.

A Parenting magazine Best Book of the Year, A National Parenting Publications Honor Book, A Parents' Choice Award-winner

Miss Spider's Wedding
by David Kirk
Ages 5-8

Miss Spider is spinning with joy! She has met a wonderful spider man who is wise and kind and ever so sincere. Perhaps he's just the one to be Miss Spider's Mr. Right. But when her well-meaning friends set out to find her a more dashing mate, the suave arachnid strongman they choose threatens to destroy even the best-spun spider plans. In his second book about the gracious and beloved Miss Spider, master artist and storyteller David Kirk serves up an irresistible tale about the rewards of honesty and the power of true love. Elegant verse and oil paintings in brilliant fall colors create a feast for the eyes and the soul that is sure to touch the hearts of readers young and old.

Miss Spider's New Car
by David Kirk
Ages 4-7

Buckle up! Everyone's favorite spider and her new husband, Holley, are off to find their dream car! Take a spin with these two lovable spiders through the web of choices possible only in the fantastical world of Miss Spider. There's the turbo-bumble hot rod, the flexo-flea spring hop-mobile, the sleek and spirally Escargot, and many other supercharged bug buggies. Readers of all age will want to test drive this high-octane tale again and again, as master artist and storyteller David Kirk revs up their imaginations with his lyrical verse and exuberant paintings.

Miss Spider: The Counting Book
by David Kirk
Ages 2-5

Count from 1 to 12 with Miss Spider and her friends in this adorable board book.