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"I found a small copy of The Gnomes' Almanac by a little-known Viennese author, Ida Bohtta Morpugo. It was a cutout book simply titled: A Book for Children. In it, the pictures and verse about bugs, butterflies, and mice really came to life. That got me drawing and writing...

Whatever I do next, I know I love making stories. The bookmaking process is a liberation for me from the years I toiled to produce handmade items. I think the life of a children's book author is bliss."

David Kirk, the celebrated creator of the best-selling Miss Spider picture books, grew up in the wild and boundless suburbs of central Ohio, where he learned about insects and painting. The leading authority on the rare and beautiful Arachne Vulgaris Florivora, he is considered by many to be central New York's finest bug poet.

David has been making toys and art for children for over fifteen years. He also designs furniture which, together with his one-of-a-kind toys and paintings, are treasured by collectors. He is looking forward to the March 31st premiere of his very first animated television special, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids, on Nickelodeson at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). It's a rollicking and heartwarming tale for the whole family, produced by Corus Entertainment's Nelvana, in collaboration with Callaway & Kirk.

Mr. Kirk lives in upstate New York with his wife, Kathy, and his daughters, Violet, Primrose, and Wisteria.