Meet Lyssa Greenfield
Lyssa Greenfield"I fight with my brother."

No big deal. After all, what brothers and sisters don't fight? It's innocent enough. Definitely not worth sending two kids halfway around the world for Charting A New Course.

But when it comes to sibling warfare, the Greenfields boast a major-league resume: slashed bicycle tires, melted computer diskettes, incinerated school projects, sweaters unraveled to a ball of yarn, a milkshake full of Tabasco, cracked ribs, and a broken nose. The last two items on this list end in an unplanned trip to the hospital.

The next trip for Lyssa and her brother is planned — twenty-one hours on planes, and then the Phoenix. Their mission: Learn to get along, or else.

In a million years, no one could predict what "or else" would come to mean.