Volume 1, Issue 21 — Spring 2006

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Alisa B., Age 9, Arizona
I see London, I see France. I see Geronimo Stilton's cheetah underpants!

Sherry E. Age: 11, Massachusetts
Wow...now THAT'S what I call a bathing cap! It even has holes to put my ears through!!

Lizzie H. Age: 10, Utah
Hello I asked for the black ones not leopard print. No body ever understands me.

Susan K. Age: 11, Canada
Now I wonder what kind of mouse would wear these?

Lauren S. Age: 11, Texas
Dang, I shouldn't have shopped for underwear at Tarzan's Tree house

Chris W. Age: 10, New Jersey
Do You Mind? We're trying to talk!!

Kyle H. Age: 13, Colorado
Tense? We're not tense

Heather L. Age: 14, Idaho
Would you just hurry up and take the picture?

Roman M. Age: 8, California
I wonder what this does?

Philip T. Age: 13, Oklahoma
I don't need this finger anyway!

Katelyn R. Age 13, Deleware
You shouldn't play out in the snow like this without clothes on!

Sherry E. Age 11
"Would you like some warm milk with that-uh...whatever you are?

Aspen J. Age 10, Wyoming
Man what is that ugly thing? Well silly, that is, well... a thing with a lot of red dots…those aren’t red dots they are chicken pox!

Jolynne M. Age 9, Utah
Take your medicine! Gosh, Everyday I have to remind him!

Marvin B. Age 12, New Jersey
Don't look now, but I think we are being watched.

Forrest S. Age 8, Colorado
Don’t look now but a cat is behind you!

Maeve M. Age 10, Massachusetts
Is my tail showing?

Maddie K. Age 8, Maryland
You have cheese in your whiskers....

Felantra M. Age 11, Tennessee
Pass it on.

Vicky Z. Age 11, Massachusetts
I heard that you heard that I heard that you heard about the missing cheese. Well you didn't hear it form me!

Molly H. Age 10, Minnesota
The Mighty Mouse circus all the way from Asia put on an astonishing performance yesterday afternoon. All went well until one of the Security Guards tripped and an acrobat (who had just jumped off a trampoline) landed on him. Fortunately no one was badly hurt. The acrobat only made this comment, "Oh well, at least he's softer than the ground."

Emily P. Age 10, New Jersey
I'll get to the shoe sale first! Haha!

Joyce K. Age 9, New York
You let the burglar-rat steal my purse!

Kayla J. Age 10, Iowa
I told you a million times I didn't do any thing.

Joyce K. Age 9, New York
You dummy, you let him steal my cheese!

Sam K. Age 8, Illinois
I'm Sally Ratmousen I'm famouse. That means I could do any thing I


Kayla W. Age 8, New York
I've made a bloody mess!

Amelia R. Age 8, New York
No mom don't call 911, I'm okay

Eddie F. Age 8, New Jersey
Sorry I shook the tomato can too much.

Victoria H. Age 9, Oregon
Shhh! I'm trying to blend in.

Josh R. Age 8, California
I was only seeing if the tomato paste turned into Ketchup yet. I guess it did! It sure "caught up" with me!

Joy P. Age 10, Ohio
When tomatoes fight back