Read an Excerpt from Abby's Bookshelf! Abby Hayes: #9 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Abby Hayes: #9 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

What my sister Isabel said after I hung up the phone with Jessica.

Why do the best of friends have to part?????  I don't want to part from Jessica for three whole months!

She called while we were eating breakfast this morning to tell me that she's leaving on Sunday.  That's only two days from now!  That's five days earlier than she thought.  She has to leave right away.  That's no fair!

I'm not ready for Jessica to go so soon!

How Many Ways Will I Miss My Best Friend?

  1. No one to cheer me up when my SuperSibs argue and fight.
  2. No one to talk to when everyone in my family is busy.
  3. No one to explain the math problems I don't understand!
  4. No one to laugh with when Brianna brags too much.
  5. No one to have sleepovers with on weekends.
  6. No one to -

Enough!!!!  I can't think about any more ways I'll miss Jessica or I'll start crying right now.

My mother said three months isn't long.  Before I know it, Jessica will be home again.

My mother is wrong!  Three months is forever!!!!!!!