Abby Brainwaves
Talent Show Tips
  Talent Show Tips  

Abby's Talent Show Ideas
-Poetry Reading
-Yo-Yo Tricks
-Playing an Instrument
-Dramatic Monologue
-Comedy Routine
-Magic Tricks

If you're like me, and don't want to be on stage, but want to participate in the talent show, here's a few more ideas:

Abby's Talent Show Ideas For Those Who Don't Want to Be in the Talent Show
-Ticket selling
-Stage props
-Making posters and flyers
-Helping to organize and serve refreshments
-Cheering on your fellow classmates

Ms. Kantor's Class' Top Three Talent Tips
Brianna - "Be the star. Be the best. Dazzle the world with your brilliance. But accept that you'll never be as good as ME!"

Zach - "Don't go on too long. Make sure you keep your act short and lively. Otherwise the audience will get bored or impatient."

Casey and Hannah - "Don't tell anyone what you are doing. Surprise your friends!"