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Question: Is there a reason Cinna picked District 12?

Suzanne CollinsAnswer: Many of the other stylists have had claim to other districts for years, and Cinna, being relatively new and unknown, looked to 12 as both a challenge and an opportunity, a district that has been essentially ignored and poorly represented from a fashion and design point of view. He knew he could make the greatest mark there—and with Katniss he finds a willing collaborator.

Last Month's Winning Question Answered:

Question: Did Katniss feel any love toward Peeta?

Answer: Wouldn't you like to know about coal by-products instead? My latest thoughts on fly ash maybe? No? All right then, in the first book of The Hunger Games, I don't think Katniss is really sure of her feelings for Peeta. There definitely are feelings there, but their nature — love, or something else — aren't fully known. You have to remember that Katniss and Peeta are within a very intense experience, and that tends to create all kinds of emotions. Does she feel love for him? Perhaps. But does she feel many other things as well? Absolutely. And then there's her increasingly complicated relationship with Gale to consider. Individual readers have very different takes on who Katniss loves at the end of book 1. I don't want to say anything to indicate they should lean one way or the other. There are two more books where Katniss will explore these feelings — and I don't want to give anything away.