Greetings From Top Teaching Advisor Jeremy

By Jeremy Brunaccioni on September 2, 2011

Hello! Jeremy Brunaccioni here, writing from my kindergarten classroom in Massachusetts. I received my B.A. in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst while working as a member of the education staff for the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association in Historic Deerfield. After a few years of teaching in museums, I returned to UMASS for a M.A. in Early Childhood Education. Since then, I've been happily teaching early childhood students, from kindergarten to 3rd grade.

My teaching experience, combined with a 10-year stint working in a bookstore, has fueled my passion for picture books and sharing quality literature with my students. Serving as the special events coordinator and window display designer was a great opportunity for me to network with teachers and authors alike. Meeting folks like Holly Hobbie, Jan Brett, Ed Emberley, David Hyde Costello, and Tom Brokaw was a thrill.
As a classroom teacher I focus on making learning a fun and active experience for children. I try to help students develop a sense of self, as well as a sense of community. My teaching includes a combination of art appreciation, music, movement, drama, environmental studies, community service learning projects, and, of course, an appreciation of picture book design. I hope you'll join me this year as I share tips and activities that you can use in your classroom.  Hopefully they'll make your job a little easier and maybe even add a bit of fun!


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