Technology Integration Quiz — Where Do You Fall?

By Megan Power on May 30, 2011
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Technology is an exceptional tool. How can you use the technology available to improve your students’ learning?

Technology is an exceptional tool. How can you use the technology available to improve your students’ learning? As you close down your classrooms this year and prepare to relax on a sandy beach somewhere, take some time to reflect on your technology use. Where do you typically integrate technology and how can you use technology to further improve student learning? Read on to take a fun interactive quiz to see where you fall in your technology integration and get tips to help you digitally prepare for next year.


Typical technology usage in the classroom can be broken down into three categories: technology used for direct instruction, technology for active learning by students, and technology for creative and project-based learning. Take the interactive quiz below to see where you typically fall and get tips and ideas on how to improve your integration of technology into your curriculum.

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When trying to grow professionally in the area of technology integration, many teachers right away think about the tools they do and don't have. I often get questions about how to "start" using more technology. In a past post titled "Shifting Teachers' Thinking — Focusing on Learning First," I share how teachers need to first think about their students and the curriculum and then determine what technology or activity will best meet that learning objective.


To My Readers,

Thank you for plugging into the world of technology integration with me this year. I hope through my weekly posts I was able to give you ideas and expand your usage of technology to benefit student learning. I am excited to announce that I will be back on's Top Teaching blog next year writing twice a month about kindergarten and early childhood education. Even if you are a teacher of a different grade, please continue to stop by my blog. All of my ideas will be easily adapted to your grade level and many, if not all, will include technology integration in the classroom. I hope you all have a restful summer, and I look forward to connecting with you next school year.


Megan Power


Megan, Recently our school has been rebuilt, and with that comes these great new interactive boards. I have loved the excitement and thrill within my students as I see this technology tool capture their wonder. The only problem I'm having is getting some of our more "veteran" teachers to jump on board and use these effective tools. I know that using these will excell learning in a new way, but I can't seem to make that a reality to my fellow collegues. Do you have any suggestions?

This was a wonderful resource to find. Thanks so much!!

Allie, Thanks so much. You are an amazing teacher as well. I really enjoyed reading your posts this year. Please stay in touch next year! Smiles, Megan

Amazing as always. Your kinders are sure lucky to have you for their teacher. I hope you have a wonderful summer and I will look forward to reading your posts in the fall. ~Allie

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