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By Megan Power on September 7, 2010

Power up your lessons and plug into student learning with Megan Power's technology integration blog!

I am thrilled and honored to be back blogging at Scholastic.com after a successful year as the 2009–2010 PreK and Kindergarten Teacher Advisor. This year in Top Teaching, I will be blogging through the lens of technology integration. I am excited to share different ways to integrate technology and project based learning to enhance and extend students’ learning in grades PreK through 12th grade.

Please click read more to view my blog introductory video and get a sneak peek at some of the topics I will be writing about this year.

What types of technology related projects are you working on in your classroom? Are there any technology tools or topics you would like to hear more about? Please comment below.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of powering up our lessons and plugging into student learning with technology!


Megan Power


Victoria, I am sorry I am getting back to you several days later. We just moved into our new house and it has been very difficult to do with 2 babies. Anyway kuddos to you for always trying new things. I am proud of you for always continung your learning. 4 desktop computers is not too bad. I know there are still classes with only one. I know you are already using your computers as part of a center from your past blog posts. I hope to show ways for teachers to use their existing technology to teach their students 21st century skills throughout the year in this blog. Please check back weekly to get more and more ideas on how you can use technology to increase student learning. A quick idea is to have a class wiki where students and groups of students can go on and add to a unit you are learning about. Smiles, Megan

Good to know, Megan!! I have a lot of technological ambitions this year and may get a decent green screen, finally, in the very near future. Besides that, I am getting some better software on computers and bringing in an Eno interactive learning board. We also have iPods and the Ladibug document camera. Yet on a difficult note, I only have four desktop computers- and due to budgeting, that is all is allowed for us- so my question is... How can you immerse students in technology, get them actively involved, with only four computers? I want it to be an active part of their daily lives in school, and I want everyone to have a chance to enjoy it throughout the day.

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