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By Megan Power on August 30, 2010
  • Grades: 3–5

Greetings from sunny San Diego, California! My name is Megan Power and this is my ninth year of teaching. In my career I have taught kindergarten through 2nd grade and I am currently in my third year of teaching full-day kindergarten at Del Sur Elementary in the Poway Unified School District. I am thrilled to be back on blogging about Technology Integration this year after a successful year blogging as the Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher advisor in 2009-2010.

I am very fortunate to be teaching at Del Sur Elementary. Before the school opened three years ago, I was one of the teachers involved in the decision-making process to create the school vision, mission, and culture. Our school currently has about 300 students — with room to grow to 800 students. As a new school, the district ensured that our rooms would have the most up-to-date technologies for teaching and learning. My classroom has an interactive Promethean Activboard, Activotes (small answer voting devices), an Activslate, five desktop computers, a docucam, an amplified microphone system, and a mounted LCD projector. This year will be my second year piloting a one-to-one laptop program where all of my kindergarten students have Dell netbooks that assist in differentiating instruction and project-based learning activities.

As a National Writing Project teacher, I have done extensive training in writer's workshop as well as integrating technology in my classroom and curriculum. I am honored to have won several awards and grants including Time Warner Cable's National Teacher of the Year for 2008-2009, honorable mention for San Diego's Classrooms of the Future 2008-2009, and San Diego County Primary Mathematics Teacher of the Year 2007-2008. My students have also won the San Diego 2007-2008 iVIE (Innovative Videos in Education) award for their USA symbols and landmarks movie and my 2008-2009 class was nominated for a 2008-2009 iVIE for our public service announcement for the San Diego Food Drive called Even Kindergarteners Can Make a Difference (mis-titled Open Your Eyes on the site).

I truly believe that all children can learn and be motivated to grow in an individualized, literacy rich environment that utilizes technology to promote realistic and purposeful project based learning.

My philosophy of education with my students can be broken down into three areas.

Students as Partners: I believe that when students feel successful and are given the opportunity to be a part of their learning they become more responsible for their learning. Even kindergarten students are able reflect on and identify their areas of need. Teachers can become partners with students as they differentiate the curriculum to meet the individual needs which allows for students to be successful.

Students as Creators: I believe that using technology to create movies, photo stories, and other digital media projects is a highly motivating way to learn and practice literacy and other academic and life skills. I find that when students take the role of the creators they learn far more and are able to apply their learning seamlessly. Their little faces gleam with pride.

Students as Global Citizens: One of my goals as a teacher is to break down the walls of school and prepare my students for the real world. I love to inspire them with realistic and purposeful work where they can use technology to problem solve and make a difference in their world. Whether my students are writing and filming a public service announcement to collect food for the San Diego Food Drive, selling trail mix to raise money to help endangered animals, or publishing their writing on the Internet for all to read, they are learning that they are an important member of our world and that even kindergarteners can make a difference.


Megan - Last school year you shared a site for report card comments. I can not find the information that I had. Can you post the site again?

Hi Megan, I watched your the video when you gave the tour of your room. Nice classroom by the way!!! I saw on a clothes you had what looked like t-shirts made of paper with a writing prompt attached to them. They look so neat and I'm dying to know the lesson you gave for that. Write when you can. Thanks! Gina

Leigh, I am glad that you were able to view my classroom library video. I am in the process of moving houses right now. Actually, our furniture is getting moved tomorrow. I promise I will write back in a few days with some info on these books. Talk to you in a few days! Smiles, Megan

Jessica, Thanks for your question. My district uses a Blackboard system so my class website is secure. Although it is unfortionate that I can't share it with other teachers, it gives me a lot of options to use in the classroom. Please visit often! Smiles, Megan

Hi Megan! I have a quick question about your amazing classroom library. I teach at a full inclusion school so I have a lot of non-readers in my classroom. Most of my books are in the Guided Reading Level F-K. Could you recommend some books that are high-interest and easy to read? I saw that you have a TON of books at Level A in your library.

Do you have a classroom webpage I could look at? Thanks!

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