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  • Grades: 3–5

Editor's Announcement:

Hi, Teaching Matters Reader,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of the brand new Teaching Matters Resource Center featuring Angela Bunyi and Beth Newingham. 

This is the place to find everything you're looking for from these star teachers including: videos, photos, printables, book recommendations, themes, lesson plans, and more.

Take a look and tell us what you think. And check back! We'll be adding much more to this great new area. 

Scholastic Editor 


Hello Casey,

I am actually working on a video for reading mini-lesson planning right now. I am sending it in this weekend. Those are the easiest things to get posted on the site. It should be up shortly. :)

Also, what kind of videos are you interested in?For example, I was thinking about making one on organizing your classroom. My room should win some awards for organization (if I don't mind bragging on myself!).

Angela Bunyi

I like the use of video. Do you plan on adding more soon?


This is definitely a well thought out resource site. It is easy to use and the topics are clearly presented. The material is rich in information, ideas, links, and downloads. I can't wait to share it.

Pat Gill

Looks great! Very exciting!

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