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12 Ways to Make Your Bulletin Boards Pop!

By Amanda Nehring on August 17, 2015
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Bulletin boards are often the first thing our students and parents see when they enter the classroom, so each year we teachers strive to make them bigger, better, and more beautiful. When standard borders and die cuts just don't cut it anymore, here are 12 great ways to make your bulletin boards pop! To get a closer look at the details in any of the images, just click on them for a larger version.



Tip #3Borders are an excellent way to frame your bulletin board and hide the inevitable choppy paper edges. Instead of the usual single line, flat paper borders, go ahead and give these ideas a try:

1. Layer a couple complimentary borders for a matted look.

2. Scrunch up strips of colored roll paper to make a bunchy border.

3. Go beyond the border. Instead of staying confined to your rectangular bulletin board, why not turn a whole wall into an extension of your board? Here I continued my forest theme across an entire wall to create a woodland oasis, complete with a six-foot tree, blue sky, and clouds.

For 20 more ideas for bulletin board borders, check out Meghan Everette's post.


3D Design

Tips #4, #5, #6Adding dimension to your bulletin boards by making your designs pop off the surface is another great way to grab everyone's attention.

4. Move into three dimensions with fringed grass, textured bark, and expansive tree branches that grow right off the board.

5. Staple your die cut designs to the board so they fold out, creating the illusion of movement. This is perfect for an under-the-sea themed classroom.

6. Use supplies you already have around the room to add dimension and infuse a variety of textures into your display. Pipe cleaners can transform into flagpoles or plant roots, while party balloons can take your class to new heights.


Relevant and Timely

Tips #7, #8, #9

If you really want to grab your students' attention, incorporate pop culture to create a bulletin board that is both timely and relevant to students' interests.

7. Use popular movie characters to promote good behavior and a positive attitude.

8. Create a class theme around a local sports team, encouraging teamwork and perseverance.

9. Motivate students with a bulletin board full of characters from a favorite book or comic.


Old Boards, New Uses

Tip #12Don't be afraid to get creative and breathe new life into your old bulletin boards.

10. Find new uses for old decor. Turn old posters into new pocket charts by adding clear plastic pockets to the front. This makes the pocket chart more interesting to look at and saves money so you don't need to buy a new one.

11. If you run out of bulletin boards in your classroom (since there is never enough wall space!) try covering an old or unused chalkboard with contact paper. You can buy rolls of contact paper in all sorts of fun designs for about three dollars at any office supply or home improvement store.

12. Who says you have to limit yourself to using dedicated bulletin boards for displays? Last year I covered my entire door with paper and created a larger-than-life owl to welcome everyone to our first and second grade classroom.

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Hi Amanda! I love your post! Thanks for sharing such great ideas on how to enhance your classroom environment using the bulletin boards in your class. I love the little hot air balloons...they are solo cute!!!

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