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Scholastic's New, Free, Time-Saving Tool: Word Workshop

By Genia Connell on February 18, 2015
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Scholastic has just launched a brand new, free teacher tool called Word Workshop. This tool is a game-changer for any teacher who is (or wants to be!) ultra-organized.

Like most teachers I know, I do my best to keep my classroom organized. If it’s in my room and it has a flat surface, I will most likely color-code it, label it, and stack it neatly. Normally, I take care of all my organization at the beginning of the year, but for the past two weeks, I have been on a Word Workshop label-making rampage that just may be bordering on ridiculous at this point.


How Does Word Workshop Work?

In six clicks of your mouse or fewer, you can create beautiful, customized cards, labels, or stationary using ten different fonts, and forty-four different borders that you can print in five different sizes. You can save all your lists to your computer to pull up again the next time you want them!

Word Workshop


Using Word Workshop in a Nutshell

  • Visit the Word Workshop link

  • Choose the size paper you want

  • Choose the word wall list you would like, or type in your own list of words

  • Select your font style, size, and color

  • Select a border from 44 different color or grayscale borders

  • Preview your list, then print or save to your hard drive

Some of the many borders to choose from include:


Word Workshop has ten fonts that you can print in many different colors. The decorative fonts include:


What Can I Make With Word Workshop?


1. Word Walls

Word Workshop was initially created with word walls in mind. You will find 53 complete lists for word walls that you can print, cut, and hang. Of course, you can also type in your own words to create, save, and print our own word lists. I have to admit, word walls are not my forte. I have one because we are supposed to, but I rarely update them, mostly because it always seems like too much work. With this new Word Workshop, I have added more words to my word wall this past week than I have in the past four months!

word wall


2. Classroom Library Bins

Finding the best way to label the boxes in my classroom library could be considered a hobby I do it so frequently. This week I created cute, color-coded book box labels for series books and author baskets. My goal is to finish the rest of my library this week!


3. Book Box Labels

With the year half over, my third graders’ book box labels were looking shabby. I created, printed and laminated new labels while they were at recess. Student names are color-coded and numbered to make it easier for students to return their boxes to the right spot.


4. Classroom Supply Labels


5. Flash Cards for Spelling Words or Math Facts


6. Mini Dry-Erase Boards for Word Work

Laminate the blank word wall squares and you can them as mini dry-erase boards during math or reading.


7. Vocabulary Work

Students match the word on one card with the meaning on the other.


8. Create and Save Multi-Purpose Lists

I used Word Workshop to make Valentine card check-off sheets for my students. 

valentine list with word wall maker.


9. Book Reports

Students can practice simple story structure with book reports like the one shown below. Word wall sized cards were glued onto a 12 x 18" sheet of construction paper and students wrote about the story elements inside of the house. 


10. Lift-a-flap Books

The word wall cards are the perfect size for creating lift-a-flap books and lap books.


11. Exit Tickets or Note Paper

Print a sheet with four labels and use your copier to make several copies to hand out as exit tickets for your students. Print the blank frames in color and you have cute note cards to use with parents or colleagues.  


12. Matching/Memory Games/I have, who has... Games


13. Quotes for Bulletin Boards

Students chose quotes to go with their biography reports and typed them with Word Workshop.  


14.  Anything Else You Can Think Of!!

So, for this week, the question wasn't: What can you do with Word Workshop? It was What can't I do?! I showed a few of my fellow teacher how Word Workshop works and it was a big hit. Over and over again, I was asked the same question: How much does it cost? They were surprised and thrilled that the answer was 100 percent free!

Check out the list of ideas for using Word Workshop below:

Give Word Workshop a try and let me know how you used it. I hope you enjoy having the ease and convenience of a free, customizable label maker at your fingertips as much as I do! 



Comments (11)

I can't get the labels (labels/4 words per page) to line up correctly. I bought the 8168 (template 5168) labels as suggested. Any advice? Thank you, Barbara

I have visited the link to the Make Word Wall Cards many times but it only provides the opportunity to print full page bordered lists. The drop down menu for choosing the project only offers 1 card/page and a choice of 1 or 2 columns. How do I access the bordered card feature? Thank you!

I used to teach 3rd also, 8 years, but I've been in K for the past two years and love it!

These resources are great, but I have to just say I'm so excited too see someone with the same name as me. This is a first.

Lol!! Thanks,and I have to agree, there aren't too many of us!!

I am also having trouble with the print/save feature. It is a great idea and I can think of lots of ways to utilize this Word Workshop program, but if I can't print it or save it, it is of no use. Please correct this problem.

Hi Kathy,

I haven't had any problems with the printing feature so I'm not much help to you there. When I press print, my printer settings come up like they do for other things I print. When you press the SAVE disk icon, I note pops up telling you that you need to save through your print savings. To do that, click on the printer and click on your printer's settings to save the document as a PDF. Once you have it as a PDF you can save it to your computer, cloud or external usb. Hope that helps! Genia

Sounds great but all I get when I print is one blank card with what I wanted to print sticking out. I'd love to know how to make this work!

Hi Rhonda,

I noticed what you are talking about (the print sticking out) when I printed 20 famous quotes for our biography projects. I realized that due to the spacing function of Word Workshop I could only print shorter quotes that fit on the cards. I was wishing there was an even smaller font I could use to fit the longer quotes on. Maybe that will be coming soon! Take care, Genia

This will be great!
Can't wait to use this in my classroom!

Thanks, Charmaine! I hope you enjoy using its many features in your classroom! Genia

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