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Make Your 100th Day of School Unforgettable

By Brian Smith on January 26, 2015
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2

Last year I did post about my favorite "100th Day Activities That Get Your Kids Active." I mentioned in that post that I always plan our 100th day of school around a book. This allows me to tie in reading on a typically math-heavy day of learning and fun. This year I want to share my favorite 100th day of school books, as well as give some ideas for activities for each of the books listed.

100 Snowball DisplayAlthough I loved using 100 Snowmen by Jen Arena last year, this year my 100 hide activity was hiding 100 cutout construction paper green peas around the room. Why? Because this year our 100th day book was Keith Baker’s 1-2-3 PeasThis adorable rhyming story is the sequel to Baker’s equally adorable L-M-N-O-Peas.


Completed Sheet

A helpful hint for the 100 hide activity is that when the students bring you the hidden objects, (peas, snowballs, monster spots, apples, etc.) organize them into groups of ten. This way you have a large visual to use as you count to 100 by 10s. We also used this writing sheet to think about one type of food we could eat 100 of, since we read about 100 peas. Some students thought small, like M&Ms or pretzels, while others thought delicious, like cupcakes or pieces of pizza. The conversations were hilarious!






We can read 100 words grid

Since 1-2-3 Peas is a rhyming book, I draw a big hundred board grid on the board and group my students into 10 groups of 2 or 3 students. I give each group of kids a word family for which they have to create 10 words. After they have tried all the consonants in the starting place, I help them finish their 10 word list by encouraging them to try different blends or digraphs with their word family. I also help by defining some words that they believe are nonsense words because they have never heard them previously. I use these word families:

  • -anCooper reading 100 words

  • -at

  • -ag

  • -ar

  • -ed

  • -et

  • -ing

  • -ock

  • -og

  • -ug 

Then each group shares their 10 rhyming words as we fill in the hundred board grid, creating 10 groups of 10 displayed as 1 group of 100 that they wrote and can read.

RocketMy other new 100th day of school book this year reunited my class with one of our favorite characters, Rocket. In Tad Hills' new book, Rocket’s 100th Day of School we follow Rocket as he collects 100 items for school. If you don’t know the wonderful character of Rocket, you must find his books. How Rocket Learned to Read and Rocket Writes a Story are essential books for early readers and writers to be exposed to. The book Rocket's Mighty Words, a large board book, works beautifully in any writing station or center. There are even Rocket plushes out there and they are adorable! 

In Rocket’s 100th Day of School, since Rocket has to collect 100 items, I "collected” 100 plastic cups and allowed the students to see what they could build. Activities where my students get to use their hands and work together as a team is win in my book. My 100 autographs is also a great activity for use with this engaging book.

Building Cups Stacking Cups

One Hundred Ways to Get to 100 by Jerry Pallotta is another great book that does a lot with the math facts that get you to 100. I loved using this hundred board and all those random sheets of stickers that you collect when you are a teacher with this book. Students got into pairs and filled in a hundreds board with 2 different types of stickers. They then wrote the number sentence at the bottom of their sheet.

hundred board  Completed Hundred Board

What is your favorite 100th day of school book and activity?

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I can’t wait to see you next week.

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