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Extreme Classroom Makeover: St. Patrick's Day Edition

By Erin Klein on February 25, 2014
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

My favorite holiday all year is St. Patrick's Day. There is something about the magic in the air and knowing that warm weather is right around the corner that really puts me in a good mood. When I was in third grade, I had a teacher that did a few things on St. Patrick's Day that made me fall in love with this day.  

I remember my classmates and I coming back from recess and seeing tiny green footprints on the corners of our desks. We were astonished. A leprechaun had snuck into our room and messed it all up! There were books not on the shelves, gold glitter sprinkled around, chairs not tucked in, and paper trash knocked over onto the floor. As we looked around the room at the mess, we stumbled upon a small sack of gold. There was just enough for us each to have a gold coin. How lucky were we?!? I'll never forget how magical this day was for me. I was so close to seeing a leprechaun. I just missed him! At least I had proof that he was there . . . and I had a piece of gold! Fellow blogger Allie Magnuson shows how she created this same type of magic for her kindergartners in "St. Patrick's Day: Mischief o' the Leprechaun."

Knowing how these magical events made me feel as a child, I look forward each year to passing that spark of hope and curiosity onto my students. Besides, who doesn't love rainbows as a decorating theme?



Magical Door Decorations

Last year I found these really cute door decorations from Allyson at Stickers and Stars. She has some great ideas on her classroom blog. I love ideas that have a big impact but don't seem to be too challenging. I strive to be crafty, but I often come up short compared to some of my talented peers. Not only is Allyson's door adorable . . . it is also doable!  



Creative Bulletin Boards

Shannon Newburg created a wonderful bulletin board to share the cute faces for some precious children. I am always more attracted to bulletin boards when they are simple. Sometimes they can simply be overdone. When there is too much on display, I think it takes away from the heart of the meaning. Newburg kept it simple, and it looks fantastic!  



A Gift for Colleagues: Anti-Pinch Polish

I love the idea on eighteen25. They share a fun, easy, affordable gift to brighten one's day for St. Patty's: Anti-Pinch Polish. They even share a free downloadable tag for your polish bottle. I'm looking forward to sharing this one with my team this year. I think I'll even make one for my daughter. Perhaps I'll pick up a few bottles for the girls in my class. I'll have to find a cute gift for the boys!



A Fun Project for Fine Motor and Friendship: Rainbow Loom

My students L.O.V.E making Rainbow Loom bracelets. That's why I was over the moon when I ran across Jennifer's blog post on "Pink When."  She shares step-by-step instructions for doing this project. She even offers the downloadable card to attach with each bracelet. What a great idea to do for a friend! I love ideas that brighten other's day.  



Deck the Walls with a Festive Craftivity 

Patty, a former grade two teacher, shares a cute activity she did with her students. You can check out her full post here. She shares how she incorporates a writing assignment into the craft idea. The crafts her students created were very cute. I know my class would really enjoy trying this out.



A Gift for Students: Decorate their Desks with a Surprise

Last year, I created this gift for each of my students for the first day of school. However, this year, I am going to do it for St. Patrick's Day. Another fantastic find from eighteen25! I love that they offer the downloadable printables for free. They also include step-by-step directions on how to put this tiny treat together. It was a BIG hit with my second graders last year.  



Decorate with a Beautiful Bunting 

Lisa from Over the Big Moon posted about some great ways to decorate your home for the holiday. I often find myself borrowing tips from home decorating ideas and bringing them into my classroom. I loved her free download for the "Lucky Bunting" she shared. You can download it for free, too. It's pretty fantastic!



Scholastic's Everything You Need: St. Patrick's Day

This post would not be complete without sharing the super amazing resources that Scholastic has collected for their readers.  I highly recommend clicking here to connect to "Everything You Need: St. Patrick's Day."  

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A Free Game Gift for Your Students: Download Now

I think this free game that Kathy from First Grade a la Carte put together is wonderful. She offers this as a free download in Google Docs. She uses it as a great way to practice tally marks with her students. Plus, it is a nice way to have fun and practice those collaboration skills!  Enjoy!


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Great post--terrific ideas and I love the bulletin board. Thanks Erin Go Bragh!

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