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Common Core Math and ELA Lesson Plan Organizers for the Middle Grades

By Genia Connell on October 9, 2013
  • Grades: 6–8

Even though I have known the Common Core State Standards were coming for years, there are still those moments I feel unprepared and caught off guard by all the standards and their language. To help me manage the new expectations, I created a set of  Common Core Lesson Plan Organizers for Math and ELA that I use to help determine if my teaching and student learning are on track.  

After I posted the trackers that I use a few weeks ago, along with a complete set for kindergarten through fifth grade, I heard from several middle school teachers who wished for a similar management tool. Below you will find editable CCSS lesson organizers for those who teach sixth through eighth grades. As you look through the trackers, you can see they are not just for those who teach reading, writing, and math. Much of the CCSS call for reading, writing, and language knowledge demonstrated across all content areas, so you may find these organizers useful no matter your subject area. 

How Do I Use Them?

  • I keep these organizers at my fingertips in my all-in-one binder that also houses my lesson plans and grade book. I document which standards my lessons are hitting as I teach them.

  • When I teach a concept, I write down the date it was initially introduced, then note all work that was done to practice it along with the dates the practice took place. This could include large and small group work, journal pages, writing assignments, etc.

  • I track the date of all assessments in the assessment column, both formal and informal. 

  • In the outcomes section, I include notes on the percentage of students who have mastered the concept along with notes on those who need more time and practice.

  • When I need to take additional notes on students or reminders for what I need to do next time, I simply layer sticky notes on top of the binder pages.

Common core lesson trackers

How Do They Help?

  • Since I began using these tracking sheets, I feel like I am getting a much better handle on what the standards are and how they all fit together with my curriculum.

  • I’m paying closer attention to make sure adequate practice time is being provided. If an assessment shows there are students who are still not proficient, then I know I need to provide additional support for that standard.

  • My teaching has become more focused and efficient. I look over the organizer while planning lessons and look for ways to add in ideas from several different strands and learning modalities to my weekly lessons.

  • These sheets can be a tool to include with any artifacts you may need to provide for your teacher evaluation. They are an easy way to demonstrate you have a purposeful and thoughtful process in place to help your students meet all the required standards.

example of common core tracker




Download Lesson Plan Trackers for Your Grade and Subject Level

The ELA trackers provide all of the standards at each grade level in reading (literature and informational), writing, speaking and listening, and language.

The math trackers cover all of the math strands at each grade level including ratios and proportional relationships, geometry, and statistics and probability.

Each tracker is completely editable, created in Word so you can adjust them to meet your likes and needs. Every standard also includes a link to corestandards.org where you can get more information on the standards.

Click on each picture below to download your own copy of editable lesson plan trackers.




           All Lesson Trackers for Grades K-8 in PDF Format

English Language Arts       


Kindergarten    Kindergarten
Grade 1   Grade 1
Grade 2   Grade 2
Grade 3   Grade 3
Grade 4   Grade 4
Grade 5   Grade 5
Grade 6 Grade 6
Grade 7 Grade 7
Grade 8 Grade 8

Check out these resouces in the Scholastic Teacher store that will help support student learning with Common Core standards. 


I'm hoping you will find these organizers as helpful as I do when I'm planning my lessons. What words of wisdom do you have for teachers who are making their way through this uncharted territory of the CCSS? I'd love to read your comments and tips for CCSS implementation below. 

Comments (7)

I don't know how I couldn't find this resource a few years ago, but now I'm super excited to share it with my ELA department this fall! Thank you!

Do you have trackers built for high school ELA, by chance? Please? :)

Thank you for being responsive to publishing products for 6th and 7th grades. I can use all the organizational help I can get.

love love love. teach ELA for 7th and 8th. thank you so much. I use scholastic for so much of my teaching. The resources and books are fantastic.

love love love. teach ELA for 7th and 8th. thank you so much. I use scholastic for so much of my teaching. The resources and books are fantastic.

Thank you!! This is fabulous and will help me greatly!!

Thank you for a WONDERFUL resource! I was so excited to find it today!!

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