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5 Creative Ways to Hang Things in Your Classroom

By Allie Magnuson on September 4, 2013
  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

From word walls, to student projects for Parents' Night, to seasonal arts and crafts, teachers are displaying work. Whether you're looking to decorate walls, windows, or doors, you will find a method for hanging things in your classroom that's right for your project. And as these are teacher-tested ideas, they are budget-friendly and quick!




Here's a snapshot view of a few of my favorite materials for displaying my students' artwork and other projects. You can purchase all of these materials from dollars stores, super stores, or hardware stores.






1. Hang it Hot

Cinderblock walls getting you down? Arm yourself with a portable hot glue gun to hang artwork and posters. It’s a solid stick when you want it, and easy to remove when you don’t. Dried glue peels right off papers and walls, making it a completely reversible solution.

Portable hot glue gun: $10 — Walmart
Glue sticks: $7 for a pack of 50 — Walmart


2. The Tack Clip

If you have a bulletin board, but don’t want to riddle your papers with holes by tacking them up, hot glue the head of a thumbtack to the back of a clothespin; stick that into your board and and clip your papers to the clothespin instead. This also works well for those strips of cork above your whiteboards.

Thumbtacks: $4 for a box of 100 — Office Max
Clothespins: $1 for a pack of 36 — Dollar Tree

3. The Stikki Clip

Toss the tape, which can damage your items, and use removable self-stick clips. These little clips are especially handy if you want to make use of window space.

Stikki Clips: $5 — Office Depot

4. The Hook & Loop

When you like to switch things up frequently, Velcro dots are a good bet. They adhere to everything, and stand up well to constant reuse. Swap sight words every week, and your students can take them down for practice.

Velcro dots: $5 — Walmart

5. Collection Protection

For an easy slide-in, slide-out way to protect and display works of art, try page protectors.
Attach them with Velcro or Stikki Clips for double the simplicity.

Page protectors: $2 — Walmart


I hope one (or many) of these ideas helps you to display your students' artwork and projects in the most flattering way for them and with the least headache for you! Please add your own ideas to the comments section below so we can all share our solutions for classroom displays.




Comments (7)

Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful responses and tips of your own. I apologize for not getting back sooner. I have the unfortunate experience of being short statured, and recently broke my arm while standing on a chair to hang something up! Now I'm wearing a cast and can't hang anything. So here's one more tip: BE CAREFUL!

Maybe in my search for frugal things, I can find a cheap safety stool.


I've been using hot glue on cinder blocks for years...it's the only way to go and works great! Love all these ideas!

I mounted a strip of metal on the wall and use magnets to hang student work from it. Works great! Wish I could post a pic to show you. Really looks great.

what if you put a picture of each kid on the clothes pin so that they each have one for their work?

Great ideas...love the clothes pin! and page protectors!
thanks for sharing!

I really like the clothespin with the tack hot glued to the back. I had my class paint their own pins before I glued the tack on so they each have their own individualized hanger -- thanks for the idea!

What fabulous ideas! I plan on using every one of them! Keep them coming!

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