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Finding Themes in Literature

By Beth Newingham on June 14, 2013
  • Grades: 3–5

Finding common themes in literature is an important skill for growing readers. I use interactive theme posters to help my students practice this skill in my classroom.

Throughout the year, we explore common themes found in the texts I choose to read aloud. For example, one year, my class chose these six themes: Believe in Yourself, Accept Others' Differences, Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things, Honesty is the Best Policy, and Always be Kind to Others.

Every time we read a book that we think fits into one of themes, I print out a color copy of the book cover and add it to a specific theme poster in our classroom. I have found Google Images to be the best place to get quick copies of the front covers of the books.

To make the best use of space in my classroom, I use the cupboards in the back of my classroom to display the theme posters.

Comments (2)

Hi! I was also unable to download the cooperation poster on the Books With a Common Theme poster set. Love this set and would love to have them all. Any help?


Hi Beth,
Love all of your great theme posters. The only one that I could not get to print was the cooperation poster. Hope this one becomes available soon.

Thanks again for all of your help:)

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