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Organizing Your Classroom Library: Basket Labels

By Beth Newingham on July 5, 2012
  • Grades: 3–5

It's important to organize your classroom library in a way that allows students to easily find "just right" books that they are interested in reading. To stay organized, all baskets in my classroom library have a unique label that tells a reader what type of books they can find inside. The basket labels vary based on the section of the library in which the basket is located.

• Nonfiction basket labels reveal the topic students will find inside.

• Fiction picture book and chapter book labels reveal the basket's genre.

• Chapter book series baskets reveal the name of the different series a reader will find inside.

Download my pre-made labels and a label template you can use to create your own.

Comments (51)

Hi which print shop will I need to edit the labels?
super resource

I cannot get the label template link to open so that I can customize some of my own labels that you do not have in your PDF's. I can open all the ones here but because the label templat eis in a .sig format my computer cannot open that? Advice?? Thanks! I would like to keep all my labels as uniform as possible (I am a little OCD!).

where are the labels???

The labels are just under the photo in a blue link that says premade labels.

Great labels! I already have my classroom library labeled mainly by grade level, but I needed labels for when I need to have them grouped to go along with themes in our reading series. Thanks for posting these!,

Thank you so much! I was so in need of better looking/not homemade labels for my class library! I cannot wait to laminate them! Thank you!!

What size poly pockets did you use?

These are awesome! just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing :) Have a great day!!

Beth, downloaded Printshop but was unable to find/open/ use 3 templates you described that are for creating labels for more baskets in my classroom library.

Can you, please, send help as to how I should be able to access the templates.

Thanks for your continued support!

Worked and is beautifully done! Thank you so much! I did have to shrink the labels in order to have them fit...simple one button fix when choices are made while printing! Kudos!

Works great now thank you!!

Sounds like you need to get this fixed. disappointing. Will check back

Great labels! I got to them using docstoc.com, like the below comment said.

To find labels: Go to docstoc.com and search for "Beth Newingham", they will come up and you can download. :)

Did you have to pay for the service?

I was able to open files in August but now that I am in school it won't open. Please help!!!!!!!!!

I was able to access these labels the other day. I saved them to my favorites but now I can't access either. They were beautiful! I should have printed them when I had the chance. Beth, Please help.

Great labels! Wish I could access them and have the same message (invalid path).

I cannot see or print labels. I'm getting a message that says "invalid path." I tried using google chrome, but still can't see or print the labels. Anyone know what I can do to solve this?

These labels look beautiful and I would love to have access to print them, but I too am receiving an error message. Can anyone help?

Says link is an invalid path, how are some of you getting this to work?

can not view or print. please help

I can't access the labels but would love to have them. Please add me to your list.

HOw am I able to print these I cann ot access these it wont open thanks:)

can't access labels

I am not able to print the labels. Any ideas?

add me to the "WON'T OPEN" list

Doesn't open

Wont open.... :(

showing me an error

I have also tried to download the labels and receive an error message...

I am having trouble printing these labels. It says invalid path. Would love to see these labels. Thanks.

I can't wait to get my labels made for my book baskets. Unfortunately there is an error and I am unable to connect to the link. I will try again.

Hey I would love to see you terrific labels, but the system is showing a link error each time. Please help me see them.

I can't get the labels to open, it keeps saying wrong path. Please help because they sound WONDERFUL! Thanks!

Unable to print but sure would like to. Hope you clear this up soon. Mine says illegal path also.

Showing me an errror.

Won't open - maybe later!

I'm getting an error message too.

My server is showing the link as an invalid path. Any ideas around this?

Please try the link again. It should be working.

These labels are wonderful!! Thank You!! Your website is also outstanding!!

These are awesome!! Thank you for all your wonderful and creative ideas. I got them to print by using google chrome as the web connection and control print.

These labels are awesome. Thank you for your hard work and all your wonderful and creative ideas. Unfortunately, I too could not print out the labels. What can I do?

Thank you They are great.

Thank you for these. I think our librarian may like these as well. Thanks again.

I thank you and my students thank you for the labels. Great and thoughtful idea. WONDERFUL!!!!

I too found it difficult to print the science label. Try pressing on on Ctrl and then on the letter p. It worked for me. Good luck.

Please forgive my error in spelling lables! Ouch!!!

Thanks for the lables. They are great! For some reason, I cannot save or print the Science ones. Any idea why? Thanks again for all of your hard work.

SSG- Thanks for making it a little easier to label the baskets with your well done job.NICE!

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