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Easy Writing Ideas for Early Writers

By Allie Magnuson on March 4, 2011
  • Grades: PreK–K

“Easy writing ideas?” you ask. “But my students don’t even know how to write!” You’re in luck. These ideas are suitable for children with limited word and print knowledge, in the beginning stages of reading and writing. Each can be adapted for any ability level, from prewriter to fluent writer. By providing options for students at different stages in their literacy journey, you help them build confidence and set every child up for success in writing.


These ideas will help your students learn to write in different and clever ways:


1. Prewriting

Pre-Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

2. Dictated Writing

Dictated Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

3. Picture Writing

Picture Writing in PreK and Kindergarten   

4. Stamped Writing

Stamped Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

5. Bubble Writing

Bubble Writing in PreK and Kindergarten 

6. Traced Writing

Traced Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

7. Carbon Copy Writing

Carbon Copy Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

8. Fill-in-the-Blank Writing

Fill-in-the-Blank Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

9. Manual Alphabet Writing

Manual Alphabet Writing in PreK and Kindergarten  

10. Alphabet Writing

Alphabet Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

11. Secret Code Writing

Secret Code Writing in PreK and Kindergarten   

12. Name Writing

Name Writing in PreK and Kindergarten    

13. Constructed Writing

Constructed Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

14. Sounds Writing

Sounds Writing in PreK and Kindergarten.lnk
15. Rebus Writing

Rebus Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

16. Title, Caption, and Label Writing

Title, Caption, and Label Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

17. Left-to-Right Writing

Left-to-Right Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

18. Predictable WritingPredictable Text Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

19. Lift-the-Flap Writing

Lift-the-Flap Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

20. Question and Answer Writing

Question and Answer Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

21. Speech Bubble Writing

Speech Bubble Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

22. Pop-Up Picture Clue Writing

Pop-Up Writing in PreK and Kindergarten  

 23. Erasable Writing

Erasable Writing in PreK and Kindergarten


24. Mechanics Writing

Mechanics Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

25. Poetry Writing

Poetry Writing in PreK and Kindergarten


Writing Tools

Writing Implements in PreK and Kindergarten

To get the creative juices flowing for all little learners, provide pencils, pens, markers, crayons, and colored pencils that have: 

  • Special Effects (gel, glitter, shimmer, glow-in-the dark, paint, watercolor, 3-D)
  • Special Uses (fabric, bingo, windows, posters, whiteboards, construction paper, body, bathtub)
  • Different Tips (broad, fine, wedge, conical, bullet, smooth, brush, stamp, double, triple, dual-ended, calligraphy)
  • Different Ends (erasers, novelty erasers, feathers, streamers, chew top)
  • Different Shapes and Sizes (doodling, coloring book, fat, thin, large, jumbo, mini, pipsqueak, rocks, long, short, full-length, triangular, hexagonal, pentagonal)
  • Different Styles (standard, twistable, clickable, scented, erasable, telescoping, dual-ended, finger, beeswax, smooth, woodless sticks, textured, weighted, doodle top, water-filled, see-through, light-up, motorized)
  • Different Colors (classic, bold, 96-color variety, tropical, bright, vibrant, fluorescent, neon, metallic, true-to-life, multicultural)
  • Color Effects (color-over, color-changing, color-mixing, rainbow, tricolor, color explosion, clear/color-revealing)

  Writing Paper in PreK and Kindergarten

Include paper that gives students visual and physical cues to teach the complex skill of handwriting. You don’t have to buy special paper. Simply draw bold black lines on bright white paper, highlight alternating lines, raise lines by applying glue, or add colors or pictures.

The Author's Chair

Writing stories is the best way to practice writing skills, and sharing stories is the best way to get kids motivated to write. Children love to share their stories and feel like published authors. Give them the opportunity to sit in the author’s chair.Theme Writing in PreK and Kindergarten

Using scaffolding techniques, remaining flexible, giving feedback, and introducing novelty into your writing centers are all tried and true ways to support your students as writers. Most importantly, remember that writing is fun! You really can’t go wrong with writing activities in preschool and kindergarten. Small children are natural-born storytellers, so in the end, it’s the children themselves that make it easy.

Do you have any good writing ideas? 

Have a stuPENdous weekend!


Comments (7)

Hi! Great blog - I'm a frequent visitor!
Could you tell me how you organize your writing center/instruction??
-Mrs. Genive

Hi Miss Laura ~ Thank you for your wonderful comment. The bubble writing is quite simple. Put letters in ABC order going down a sheet of paper and put a word at the top of the paper. If the word is dog then they look for those letters going down and bubble them in. This gives them practice for tests too. Thanks again Laura. ~Allie

I love all the ideas you presented. Could you elaborate on how you use 'Bubble Writing'.

Hi Judy, That's an excellent idea. I am going to do that for a center. Thanks for the tip and thanks for reading.


I use leftover laminate film for tracing letters/numbers/names/words. Crayons or markers work the best.

Preschool Teacher

Hi Miss Johnson - Thank you for reading. The Authors Chair is the kids favorite time of the day!! ~Allie

Great Ideas! I love the idea for the Author Chair. My younger students are going to love it! Thank you.

-Miss Johnson

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