Reading Month

By Brent Vasicek on February 23, 2011
  • Grades: 1–2, 3–5

March is reading month. Each year our school tries to come up with a theme and activities to help promote the vital skill of reading. It can be tough to keep the ideas fresh, so I thought I would share the latest ideas from Miami Elementary here in good ole Clinton Township, Michigan.

Although a few of my ideas are included in the list below, I cannot claim the bulk as my own. Also, I must thank Miss Gaglio and Mrs. Weidner for putting the list of 2011 reading activities together. This year's theme is "Reading With the Stars."  I love this theme because it fits my classroom Hollywood entertainment theme perfectly.

Photos: Promote Reading

  • Students may bring in a picture of themselves reading with a family member who is their "star."
  • Photos of students reading with staff will be taken.
  • Students may search the Internet to find pictures of their favorite stars reading a book.
  • Upper elementary students may search for Internet articles in which celebrities promote reading.
  • Photos/articles will be put on display in the media center for all to enjoy.

Guest Reader: Model Reading

  • Once a week in the morning announcements a mystery guest reader will read a passage from a book. Each class can submit one guess as to the guest reader's identity to the office with the morning attendance.
  • Individual classrooms can invite special guests to share their favorite books with the students during reading time.
  • Teachers can guest read to students in other grade levels. Older students love seeing their former teachers. It is great rapport building for the younger students, who may or may not know the upper elementary teachers.
  • The principal will read a Dr. Seuss book on the school broadcast channel on March 2nd (Dr. Seuss' birthday).

Random Stop and Reads: Be Ready to Read

  • Students are encouraged to carry a book with them the entire month. Random stopping by the principal may occur at any time. If the student has a book and can read a passage, then a reward will be presented. Rewards could include a coupon to the school store, some basketball time with the principal, or a bookmark.

Reading at Home: Reinforcement Outside the Classroom

  • A paper will be sent home to record the number of minutes read per night. Each grade level will have different criteria for allowing students to color in the "nightly star" on their Walk of Reading Fame worksheet. Students may return this paper at the end of the month to receive a blue ribbon for reading.

What sorts of fun activities do you do to promote reading month?

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I have a book fair going on, but it's not your ordinary book fair! Instead of using money, students use reading minutes to earn books. My students don't generally love reading, but this got them encouraged! Thanks for the Hollywood idea! Mind if I use it sometime?

-Miss Johnson

Miss Johnson,

By all means use the Hollywood idea! I think I just might start using reading minutes as currency in my classroom. Nice idea!


Students track their number of pages read. We convert them into miles as we "travel" across America. At each stop we learn about a landmark. Clues are given to the students and they try to guess the landmark before we "arrive".

Look at that! Combining some social studies, math, and reading all in one. Gotta love that efficiency! ~Brent

My students turn in weekly reading minutes. One a month we have a "reading celebration". Students sit in a circle and share a book they are reading or one they enjoyed recently. Parents provide treats for our celebration and we give a hand for all of the minutes the students have read this month.

Heidi~ As Quantum Learning teaches, if it is worth learning it is worth celebrating! Great job and thanks for sharing. Brent

I have had my students sign-up to read their favorite picture book to a younger class or to their siblings class as a guest reader. The students all love it.

Fantastic Idea! Thank you for sharin! Brent

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