Remember: We All Have Lives

By Eric Antuna on August 20, 2009
  • Grades: 3–5

Dear Friends,

My apologies for not having content here today - my sister had an emergency room situation that took me away for most of the day.  Returning home, I reflected on a few things: 
1. We all have lives! School encompasses so much of our time, we must make sure that we make time for ourselves and our loved ones. 
2. Waiting in the emergency room, I noted so many kids there - young, old, but many!  I didn't leave until 11:30, but even then a family of 5 was walking into the hospital. This made me realize (yet again!) we all have lives and how quickly they do change and can become varied in just a few minutes.  

It's important to keep this in mind when students have to go through these things that could happen at any time.

Thankfully, my sister is doing much better, and should be returning to her self quite soon.  I promise to make it up to everyone!  

Thank you everyone for your support and for your time!

One more quick note: I was waiting outside and I heard a daughter speak to her mom as they entered the hospital, "Mom! My homework!"  Mother replies, "You should have brought it, oh well!" Daughter rebuttes, "I can't have the teacher thinking that I am a slacker at the beginning of the year!"

I thought that was too cute to let alone.  


I think the topic of your post says it all. We often forget that our students have lives that may not be shared with us that causes disruptions in their learning. Letting our students know that their teacher's life beyond the class has ups and downs is important. Sounds like you are doing a great job and it is only the end of September. Pattie Gill


Thanks for the great comment! I really appreciate it. I agree that the more students see how human you are, the more they will respond to you.

Thanks and good luck!


Such a great reminder, Eric, about priorities, right? I have several colleagues who have not had great summers- health concerns for family members, other stress...As colleagues we can 'be there' for a shoulder to lean on, a meal dropped off at a home, a quick and easy lesson plan for a sub...As educators, we need to let our students also know that we 'are there' for them as well. I hope your sister is on the way to a healthy recovery.

Charlene- I agree. We need to be there for our students, colleagues, friends, and family, and most importantly - ourselves. Thanks for asking about my sister, she is doing fine, I had breakfast with her this past weekend.


I am sorry that your sister was in the emergency room- I've actually felt guilty about being there during the school year. I am glad she is feeling better, though!


Thank you.



I hope that your sister is recovering and doing well. I think your blog is a great reality check for all teachers. Making time for family and friends is what keeps me anchored. Thanks for giving us a thoughtful reminder of what should come first.

Cheers- Stacey


I completely agree! So often we find ourselves in the middle of school work and need to take the time for ourselves and our families.


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