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Literacy in Kindergarten Dramatic Play Centers, Part 2

By Allie Magnuson on January 28, 2011
  • Grades: PreK–K

One of my students' favorite dramatic play centers is a bakery. It's not only fun, it's also full of ways to practice literacy. And with a good name and logo, all it costs is a little effort.



Our kindergarten bakery center is called "Easy Bake Shop," and everything on the menu my students can actually make in the Easy-Bake Oven or toaster oven. We also have pretend food for those who only want to pretend to eat. Because we do real cooking, this center requires adult supervision. But the kids would all agree it's worth it. As a bonus, the kindergarten bakery center also includes a good deal of math.

Literacy in Your Kindergarten Bakery Center

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Kindergarten Centers Literacy Item: Signs

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

  Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Come up with a name for your kindergarten bakery center by visiting Named At Last, and get ideas for a logo at The Logo Factory. To make signs for your kindergarten bakery center, you can get some professional-looking clip art right in Microsoft Word.


Kindergarten Centers Literacy Item: Menus

Kindergarten Literacy Centers  

The images I used for the menu in my kindergarten bakery center came right off Google Images. I do not own the copyrights to the images.


Kindergarten Centers Literacy Item: Cookbooks
Kindergarten Literacy Centers

You can find official recipes for the Easy-Bake Oven on its official site. For more affordable, longer-lasting recipes to use in your kindergarten bakery center, try EBO Recipes, Budget 101eHow, or Cooking With Kids.

Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items:
Ingredients, Timers, and Measuring Supplies

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Almost everyone has these in their kitchen. Even if you don't have your students actually make anything, you can provide more literacy for your students just by putting a few food boxes, ingredients, and cooking supplies in your kindergarten bakery center. 


Kindergarten Centers Literacy Item: Name Tags

Kindergarten Literacy Centers   

Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items: Business Cards, Brochures, and Mailing List Sign-Up Sheets

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Kindergarten Literacy Centers
If you don't want to make business cards for your kindergarten bakery center by hand, visit Moo.com.


Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items: Telephones, Calendars, and Customer Order Pads

Kindergarten Literacy Centers 

Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items: "Please Take a Number" Signs, Ticket Dispensers, and Number Indicators

Kindergarten Literacy Centers   

To make a "Take a Number" ticket dispenser for my kindergarten bakery center, I attached numbers to a large tape dispenser. If you use this method, be aware that your students will need help ripping off the numbers because the blade is bigger. As long as an adult helps, it isn't a problem.


Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items: Cups, Plates, Napkins, and Place Mats With Bakery Logo

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

 Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items: Cash Registers, Receipts, Bags, and Tip Jars
Kindergarten Literacy Centers
Kindergarten Centers Literacy Items: Dollar Bills, Coins, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

For links to Web sites where you can print play money for your kindergarten bakery center, see my post "Literacy in Kindergarten Dramatic Play Centers, Part 1."


Kindergarten Centers Literacy Item: Frequent-Buyer Punch Cards

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Kindergarten Centers Literacy Item: Customer Reviews

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Speaking of literacy, yesterday was Family Literacy Day and this year's theme is "Play for Literacy," which means the classroom dramatic play center isn't the only place children can learn to read — they can play at home with their families, too! So encourage the families of your students to extend the bakery center to cooking at home, or to play some board games together. Every little bit helps. Read more at the National Center for Family Literacy.

How do you use literacy in your kindergarten bakery center?

Have a delicious weekend!



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Comments (20)

Hi Jamie ~ Thanks for reading. We had so much fun using the easy bake oven and the kids begged to go to that center everyday. It got them measuring, reading, writing and best of all cooking. Thanks for commenting and I hope to hear from you again.


it never even occured to me to use a real easy bake oven and let the kids do real cooking like this in my preK class.!! GREAT JOB! cant wait to do this!

Hi Jeremy, It sure was fun and different from just playing housekeeping. Thanks for reading. ~Allie

Hi Danielle - It was somewhat a project to get the center ready but it was worth the effort. The kids loved this center and wanted me to keep it up all year long. Thanks for reading, ~Allie

Super ways to expand the dramatic play center!

Food and literacy --- two of my favorite things!! These students must have the most amazing time in your classroom. I can imagine that it takes a lot of organization, preparation and planning on your part to get the "Easy Bake Shop" up and running, but boy oh boy, it is worth the effort!

=) Danielle

Hi Renee - it seems we have gotten away of what Kindergarten is really about and so adding dramatic play in the day is a great way to get those social skills in. I loved the bakery too - it smelled so good in the classroom. :-) Thanks for reading. ~Allie

Hi, Janice, How cute! Don't worry, yours doesn't have to be as ambitious as mine... it can be a lot of work! To get ideas for the librarian project, check back next week for my post on "I Love to Read" month.

Thanks for reading!


I'm glad to see you have dramatic play. The bakery was really cool. A lot of learning going on.

I teach pre-K and as part of our community project, we have been learning about the baker. So I was interested in reading about this project. Ours was not as ambitious as yours, but we made baker's hats and had white aprons. The children learned how to make bread dough and cookie dough, which we then cut with heart shaped cutters and decorated for St-Valentine's Day. Our next project is the Librarian. Any ideas and suggestions?

Hi Megan, Thanks for the nice comments. This was a fantastic center where all the kids begged to go to. Trader Joes must have been a great learning experience for the kids. I didn't think about that. I can't wait to read your post when it's up. Thanks for reading Megan. ~Allie

Allie, I LOVE this post! We have recently been working on turning our rold play center into a grocery store. It has been an amazing experience for my students to create the store and price all of the products. We had people from our local Trader Joes come in and look at our store and give us tips and information about their stores. I am going to post about this project soon. I'd love some of your ideas to extend it even further. I would love to try the bakery next!!! Thanks for this wonderful idea! Smiles, Megam

Hi Lynsie, It was fun and educational for them. I think in today's world with so many demands being made on kids - having a little fun that is realistic is exciting for both the kids and the teacher is good. Thanks for reading. ~Allie

Love it! I always wanted an easy bake oven growing up. That is so fun to do that with your class. They will remember these fun activities always. Great job!

Hi Joy, Thanks for reading. It sure was fun and a great experience for the kids. ~Allie

Hi Cami, Thanks for the nice comment. The kids loved this center and could have played there all day. They even put frosting in little sample cups and sprinkled them, then put them in muffin tins and walked around and said to their classmates, "Would you like to try a sample?" It was so cute and they thought of it on their own. ~Allie

Fabulous ideas!! Can't wait to try some of them out.

This just amazes me! The experiences these children are getting with you are going to last them a life time. I am blown away at their comment cards. Increadible!

Hi Amanda, Wow what a nice thing to say. Kindergarten is a lot more demanding than it used to be - so adding some fun in the day is a must. Thanks for reading and for the kind words. Come see us again.


I teach third grade, but this post makes me want to teach kindergarten! This is awesome! Your students are lucky to have such a phenomenal teacher!

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