Teaching Tip: Get Student Input for Planning the Rest of the School Year

By Megan Power on April 9, 2010

Something I like to do with my students this time of the year is sit them down and explain that this school year is almost over. I ask them what they liked so far about kindergarten. Then we start to make a list of things they want to do more of before the end of the school year. It takes a little while to get them to understand what you are asking, but once they do the list starts growing as well as students' excitement.

Here are just a few of the many things my students want to do more of:

"science, make more puppets, kinder cooking, learn more songs, more art, learn about our earth, learn about the oceans, write more books, more movies, math..."

The list goes on and on and on. I like to type it up and post it somewhere in our classroom. I really do use this list when I am planning more activities for the rest of the school year. Having this exciting student created list helps us to stay focused and wanting to learnĀ and work right up the the last day of school. Sometimes it gets to be a challenge to see if we can do all of the things they want to by the end of school!

I encourage you to try it out with your students. It is really neat to see what they remember and like most about school.

Happy spring break to all! This week I am enjoying my time being a mom to my big 18 month old son. We are also getting some things ready for our new little boy that will be here anytime in the next five weeks!


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