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Writing Instruction Videos

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12


Watch best practices by model teachers and listen to experts in the field of teaching writing. The videos tackle many facets of the writing process, whether it is encouraging students to seeing themselves as “authors” or viewing conventions and revision with positive attitudes.

ELL Teacher Using Models to Support Writing Instruction: Analyzing
Watch a teacher contextualize the book Tar Beach by encouraging students to pay attention to details.

READ 180 teacher model Teaching Vocabulary
A READ 180 teacher demonstrates an instructional routine to explain the meaning of words.

Lester LaminackLester Laminack: Cracking Open the Author's Craft
Laminack prefaces a reading by instructing his audience to listen for imagery and ideas that resonate.

Ruth Culham Traits of Writing: Introduction to the Traits
Ruth Culham discusses the advantages of using the traits to teach primary grades.

Teacher explain. Traits of Writing: Teachers Talk About the Traits
Teachers stress the importance of using shared vocabulary to describe "good" writing.

Traits of Writing Study Group Traits of Writing: A Study Group on Sentence Fluency
A group of teachers explains how to achieve sentence fluency based on the progress shown in their students' portfolios.

Master Teachers Traits of Writing: A Lesson on Ideas
A model teacher demonstrates an accessible lesson that introduces ideas for writing to younger grades.

Master Teacher giving lessons Traits of Writing: A Lesson on Organization
A master teacher introduces the trait of organization by asking students to recall the order of events from a familiar story.

Student conference Traits of Writing: Teacher-Led Conferences
During a student conference, a teacher asks the student about his word choice and gives constructive suggestions sensitively.

Teachers share ideas Traits of Writing: Practical Tips for Teaching Writing
Teachers share their ideas for effectively integrating the traits of writing into their classroom routines.

Janet AngelilloJanet Angelillo: Revision Is Not Punishment
By being positive and enthusiastic, teachers can imbue writing with the same excitement that students feel for play.

Ruth CulhamRuth Culham: A Writer's Vocabulary: Traits Are a Foundation for Young Learners
Even as early as kindergarten, young writers can benefit from being familiar with the terminology of the traits.

Linda RiefLinda Rief: What Motivates Students to Write
To become confident writers, students must feel that they have something to say and have an audience that wants to hear it.

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