Tips for Giving Back in Your Community

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

home8 Super Community-Service Starters for Kids
Simple ideas for children looking to get involved in community service.

Make a Charity Box
A reading extension activity that teaches children the importance of giving to charity.

What You Can Do to Help Your Community
Outdoor activities for children looking to get involved with community service.

For Kids in Need, the Gift of Wheels
An inspiring interview with Clayton Lillard, a teenager who fixes up bicycles to donate to less fortunate children.

Extracurricular Extras: What Kids Learn From Community Service
Tips for adults looking to maximize their children’s learning experience while volunteering in the community.

Get in the Giving Spirit
Activity ideas for children looking to bring holiday cheer to their communities.

Middle School Students Make a Big Difference
Meet the Top Ten Middle School Volunteers of 2009.

Children Changing the World Starting at Home
Teach your child the importance of charity and how to practice it in her own home.

Kids Make a Difference in Their Communities
A guide to articles and activities on the different ways children can help out in their communities.

Handling the Holidays With Care
How children can learn about the spirit of the holidays and help others during the season.

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    Neighborhood Life