Teachers' Picks: Math and Summer Learning

The best math games and summer learning devices for the classroom.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

New Games Make Math Fun.

Best for Math Practice
Here is a quick center idea for learning multiplication tables. With colorful magnetic pieces , students can practice basic math problems in a hands-on way. These wooden digits stick to any magnetic surface, so students can take math anywhere in the classroom. $11.99.

Best Mind-Boggling Puzzle
Kids will go crazy for Colorku. This Sudoku-inspired puzzle challenges kids to get one of each color marble in each of nine rows, each of nine columns and each of nine 3 x 3 squares. $29.99.

Best Money Game
Teach your students the value of money. With Real-World Math, players begin with a balance of $100 and must manage it as best they can. $19.99.

Best Matching Game
Meet the most versatile memorization game yet; these wooden boards from Kid-o hold four double-sided cards for up to eight different games. Students can just lift the red dots to match numbers, animals, patterns, and more. $30.

Best from ThinkFun
Best Pocket-Size Puzzles
A-Ha! puzzles challenge students to use their brains-and their hands-to build pyramids, star bursts, and more. $7.99.

Best Curriculum
Practice counting, addition, and number sense with Zingo! 1-2-3 , where players match numbered tiles to images on their cards. $19.99.

Summer Learning

Best "Hand-Held"
How much can an ant carry? What does a field cricket eat? Students can rotate the 10" wheel to find the answers to these facts about insects. Great for on-the-go summer learning! $7.

Best for Storytelling
Tell Me a Story cards let students invent their own tales behind each picture card in the 36-card set. These imaginative cards are perfect for independent writing exercises or group brainstorming work. $10.

Best for Free-Thinkers
What's a great way to inspire kids' creative thinking? Let them doodle! 24 easy-to-share pages let kids experiment with lines, shapes, and color. $5.99.

Best Writing Tool
Get K-2 student writers started with over 30 writing prompts on a variety of subjects. Inside each journal, students will find tips on types of writing styles, blank space for illustration and brainstorming, plus useful self-editing tools. $3.49.

Best "Go Bananas" Game
Good luck prying this anagram game away from students! Bananagrams challenges kids to build words without using pencil or paper, expanding their vocabulary in a fun, clever way. $14.99.

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