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Studywiz Spark

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Pricing for Studywiz Spark is flexible and scalable.  As the number of users scale higher, our pricing becomes lower.  Our pricing is flexible in allowing customers to purchase the licenses needed as their usage grows.  Please contact us for a customized price quote to meet your needs.

Best for: K-12: District Administrators, Technology Coordinators, Chief Technology Officers, Curriculum Specialists, Principals, Superintendents, Teachers, Technology Facilitators, Technology Integration Specialists

Studywiz Spark Dynamic LearnSpace creates an enriched learning environment for K-12 students.



Southgate Community Schools: Teacher Connectivity Breeds Whole-School Engagement

The Challenge

Southgate Community Schools, near Detroit, Michigan, recognized the need to improve the technology platform within its schools. Its lack of technology was particularly difficult for the elementary teachers: with 6 buildings housing 130 instructors teaching the same content, Southgate found itself at a loss due to its inability to share resources among its schools.

“We were at a disadvantage by not providing a 21st Century learning environment for our teachers and students,” said Mike Toschi, Southgate Director of Technology. “Southgate supports a community of collaboration, but we did not have the capacity to give our teachers the tools to share classroom information, notes and quizzes with one another or to allow our students to access this information. Our biggest challenge was finding a way to keep our teachers and students connected.”

To promote the sharing of information and collaboration across the district, Southgate needed to establish a way for its teachers and students to communicate with one another.

The Solution

Southgate selected Studywiz Spark, the first and only Dynamic LearnSpace for K-12 education, to connect its teachers and students. Studywiz Spark gives teachers a place to easily manage, personalize and distribute curriculum within a multimedia setting; gives students a place to safely explore and learn new concepts; and offers parents a place to engage in their children’s progress. Furthermore, it provides administrators a place to optimize their curriculum investment.

“The multimedia capabilities, like online testing, chats and eLocker, that Studywiz Spark provides have exceeded our expectations in connecting teachers across the district,” said Toschi. “Not only can our teachers communicate with one another, but our students can also access Studywiz Spark both in and out of the classroom. Collaboration among teachers has greatly increased, and students are becoming more engaged in learning through the multimedia rich content that is available through Studywiz Spark. Even parents can access Studywiz Spark to stay up-to-speed on their children’s classroom activity. What started as an effort to connect teachers has evolved into a school-wide process of engagement.”

Studywiz Spark simplifies the complex interactions between technology and educational curricula, and makes existing curricula more dynamic by enabling personalized learning, active communication and real-time assessment and results. With its roots in the K-12 education industry, Studywiz Spark tailors itself to the current issues and trends that impact K-12 students and the key stakeholders – teachers, parents, and administrators.

The Results

Southgate uses Studywiz Spark as the tool that allows its schools to adapt to the changing needs of 21st Century learners. Using Studywiz Spark, Southgate is able to create and distribute multimedia content and provide teachers, students and parents with access to information from any place, at any time.

“We are thrilled with the capabilities that our schools now have with Studywiz Spark,” said Jackie McGowan, Special Education Middle School Teacher. “The ability to access information from any place and at any time is crucial to our goals. By providing our teachers, students, and even parents with this ability, we have noticed that they are re-engaging learning and are elevating it to a new level.”

Southgate is excited about the capabilities that Studywiz Spark provides for teachers, students and parents and has noticed a significant improvement in collaboration across the district, positioning Southgate among top schools leading the way in educational technology. In the future, Southgate foresees having its classrooms revolve entirely around Studywiz Spark’s safe, teacher-managed and content-agnostic multimedia setting for the 21st Century classroom.