Storia Introduces New Features for the Classroom!

Storia is constantly improving and adding features. Among the latest enhancements are these eight features that make using Storia at school even more effective.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

  • Storia now offers 40 bookshelves! Now you can assign an individual bookshelf to each student in your class. This enables you to adjust personal settings for each student and customize the features, such as notes and highlights, that are set by the bookshelf.

    We recommended that you create a personal bookshelf for each student in your class first, and then with your remaining bookshelves, create genre- or level-specific shelves that students can access just as they do in your classroom library.
  • Additional data and reports enable teachers to track each student’s reading progress over time. Reports now include detailed reading logs and graphs, as well as basic information about students’ interactions with their e-books, such as time on task and definitions accessed.

    These reports can show up to 12 months of aggregated reading data, including usage over time (time spent reading and the number of e-books completed) and growth over time (the average reading levels of the e-books read, using Guided Reading and Lexile levels).
  • Now you can use one account to download the Storia app onto 40 devices. This means you can set up an account, put Storia on 40 iPads, PCs, or Android™ tablets, and every bookshelf linked to your account can be accessed from those 40 devices. 
  • Additional e-book information is now available. Each e-book has a plot synopsis, student recommendations, and information about multiple leveling systems.
  • You can purchase multiple copies of the same book from a single account, so you can assign the same title to more than one student at the same time. This is especially useful for instructional reading groups or book clubs—or to let many students read a popular book. Just assign each copy of the book to a different bookshelf, and let the reading begin!
  • “Reading Challenge” quizzes are now available in many of the Storia books. These are literal level quizzes: If the book is at the right level, a student who has read it will be able to successfully answer the reading challenge questions. Because the results of each reading challenge are included in a reading report, the quizzes can be used as an additional assessment opportunity.
  • After logging in, you will be taken to the "Assign E-Books" screen, where you can you can easily see which books are—or are not—assigned to shelves. You can also assign e-books to bookshelves and reassign them to other bookshelves. “Tooltips” about using Storia automatically appear the first time you use the app and are available any time you need them through “Help.”
  • Activities are managed through the "Reading Manager." This central dashboard gives you access to all of Storia’s tools, features, and activities, enabling you to easily manage the entire application, including assignments, customizations, and tracking.