Snowy Owls Craft Project

A fun craft that’s perfect for when the temperature starts to drop or for accompanying a lesson on birds

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2

Young students will love sponging on paint to create these cute birds.

What You Need:


  • White paint
  • Large paper plates (one per student)
  • Small paper plates (one per student)
  • Black and yellow construction paper
  • Large shower pouf (one per student)
  • Small shower pouf (one per student)
  • Glue
  • Scissors



What You Do:

  1. For each student, pour some white paint on a large paper plate.
  2. Have students dip a small shower pouf into the white paint and then dab it onto a piece of black construction paper to make a small circle. This will be the owl’s head.
  3. Next, students dip the large shower pouf in the white paint, dabbing it directly under the small circle they just made. This will be the owl’s body. Allow the paint to dry. 
  4. Students cut the rippled edge off of the small paper plate, then cut two pieces from it, creating two “wings.” (See the photo of the final craft.)
  5. Using the yellow construction paper, have children cut two small circles for eyes.
  6. To make a beak for the owl, have students fold a piece of black construction paper in half and cut a triangle on the crease.
  7. With the unused portion of the small paper plate, students can cut two feet. (See the photo of the final craft.)
  8. Once the paint has dried, students can cut out the owl’s head and body in one piece.
  9. Students glue on the eyes, beak, feet, and wings to finalize their owls.

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