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The role of assessment in instruction

Scholastic and University of Phoenix® experts discuss how student assessment can help influence and improve classroom instruction. This complimentary presentation explores tips and recommendations for developing grading strategies, implementing differentiated instruction, and applying other techniques to create an engaging learning environment and help students master higher-level skills.

Participants who view the webinar for 45 minutes or more are eligible to receive a professional development certificate from Scholastic.

Dr. Anna Baldwin: High School English Teacher, Adjunct College Instructor
Dr. Gretchen Meyers: K–6 Instructional Specialist, University of Phoenix Campus Faculty Assessment Liaison
Sue Gendron: President of the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

Tara Welty: Editor, Scholastic Instructor magazine


Mobile Device Classroom Management Made Easy


More students are using technology in class, from bringing in their own devices to carrying school issued laptops or tablets. These tools can be a boon to creating personalized education that engages each student. But if misused, they have the power to interrupt the flow of good classroom management. Learn from two experts how to best harness your students and their devices in class—and how to empower them to create amazing work on these machines in class and at home.     

Webinar Date and Time: Thursday, November 13, 2014, at 3 pm EST

Dave Saltmarsh, Educational Evangelist for JAMF Software
Ben Johnson, Administrator, Author, Educator
Andy Hopkins, 4th Grade Teacher, Harper Woods Public Schools

Wayne D’Orio, Editor-in-Chief of Scholastic Administr@tor properties


Personalize Your Professional Development

The days of one-size-fits-all education are over, and your professional development should be keeping pace. In this virtual event, Scholastic Administr@tor Editor-in-Chief Wayne D’Orio moderates a discussion on how administrators can boost the effectiveness of their PD efforts with a few simple tactics.

Ann Cunningham-Morris, ASCD director of professional development
Duncan Young, head of Scholastic Achievement Partners
Jason Flom, director-elect at Cornerstone Learning Community

Wayne D’Orio, Editor-in-Chief of Scholastic Administr@tor properties


Higher Standards Hit Prime Time

Is your district ready for the college and career readiness assessments to count this year? After years of debate, hand wringing, and detailed preparation, many students will be taking high-stakes tests this spring that will be used to assess teachers, students’ progress, and much more. Check in with our experts for this virtual event as they help you through this last-minute checklist, covering:

  • Getting students ready to take tests online
  • How to test your computers and connections for the big moment
  • Why last-minute professional learning will help your staff
  • How to communicate the tests and results to your parents clearly

Sue Gendron, senior fellow for International Center for Leadership in Education
Amanda Ellis, associate commissioner at Kentucky’s DOE
Karen Kidwell, director of the Division Program Standards at Kentucky’s DOE

Wayne D’Orio, Editor-in-Chief of Scholastic Administr@tor properties


Common Core strategies for the primary grades


Scholastic and University of Phoenix experts discuss the application of Common Core in the primary grades. This presentation explores research and requirements, and also provides insight into best practices to help early educators. By working to build a solid foundation, teachers of grades PreK–2 can help prepare their young students for reading success in later grades.

Francie Alexander—Chief Academic Officer, Scholastic Inc.
Nancy Ellington—Instructor, University of Phoenix

Kim Greene—Senior Editor, Scholastic Instructor magazine


The Healthy Schools Project: Experts explain how empowering students and staff can help reduce germs and absenteeism


Scholastic and Kimberly-Clark Professional host a discussion with administrators and a research expert who explain how empowering students and staff can help reduce germs and absenteeism.


In this webinar you’ll learn:
• Steps schools are taking to promote good hand-hygiene behavior
• How you can identify and reduce germ hot spots in your schools
• What it takes to create healthy learning environments

Kelly Arehart—Senior Manager, Global Innovation for Health and Wellness, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Donna Kibbler—Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Old Bridge Township Public School District, New Jersey

Wayne D’Orio—Editor-in-Chief of Scholastic Administr@tor magazine



Common Core strategies for science and social studies

With a focus on aligning social studies and science curriculum to CCSS, this 60-minute presentation walks teachers through examples of inquiry-rich activities and lesson elements that support optimal social studies and science instruction.

Patricia Janes, Editor, Scholastic Classroom Magazines
Michael H. Pazeian, Instructor, University of Phoenix

Tara Welty, Editor of Scholastic Instructor magazine



Common Core Math: The Shift to Student Reasoning

Scholastic and University of Phoenix experts discuss the new mathematical practice standards and how math instruction under Common Core necessitates a shift to inquiry-based instruction. This two-pronged presentation explores the expectations the new math standards place on both students and K-12 teachers.

Lisa Bush, Director of Professional Learning, Scholastic's Math Solutions
Lory Wicketts, California Teacher of the Year 2009

Tara Welty, Editor of Scholastic Instructor magazine



Five Key Instructional Shifts under Common Core


Join Scholastic and University of Phoenix experts in delving into the details of the educational changes that implementing Common Core will require of teachers. Learn to adapt your current lessons to the new standards while teaching students to rely on informational texts and build their academic vocabulary.

Francie Alexander, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Scholastic Education
Nicole Heiser, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix College of Education
Tara Welty, Editor of Scholastic Instructor magazine

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