Save on Books: Order Your Visiting Author's Work

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

How to Order Books for Author Visits

At Scholastic, there are three (3) ways to order books for your school or library event.

1. Your Local Bookseller

If you already work directly with a local, independent bookseller please reach out to him or her right away and let them know that you are planning a nearby event.

Your bookseller will need the following:

  • Event Date
  • Delivery & Location Address
  • ISBN(s) for the book(s)
  • Quantity you need per ISBN

2. Scholastic Book Fairs

If your school visit is taking place in conjunction with a Scholastic Book Fair, please alert your Fairs Contact immediately to let him or her know that you have an upcoming author appearance.
Give the Fairs Contact 3-4 weeks advance notice to prepare and deliver the books.

Your Fairs Contact will need the following:

  • Event Date
  • Delivery & Location Address
  • ISBN(s) for the book(s)
  • Quantity you need per ISBN

3. Scholastic Customer Service

To pre-order books at a 40% discounted rate please contact Scholastic Customer Service in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Via phone: 1-888-724-1872 X 8015
Via email:

Customer Service will need the following:

  • Event Date
  • Delivery & Location Address
  • ISBN(s) for the book(s)
  • Quantity you need per ISBN

Customer Service generally requires 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. If your school or library already has a Scholastic account, Customer Service will invoice you. Otherwise, you must pre-pay for the books with a credit card. If you don’t want to pay via credit card you can submit paperwork to set up a Reseller Account.

Choosing Books to Order

To select which titles you want students to study and which ones you want to offer for sale, review all of the author's work. Make sure you have a complete list of your author's or illustrator's books. The author may have titles available from other publishers as well as new Scholastic titles that are not yet listed on Check with your local library and Children's Books in Print to ensure you have a complete list of works.

Your author or illustrator is the best resource when planning your book order. Not only will they be able to inform you of titles from other publishers, but they can also indicate which books they will mention in their talk and which books tend to sell better at events.

Planning the Number of Books to Order

Every school is different, so Scholastic can't provide an estimate of the number of books your school will need. Some schools choose to have students' parents pre-order books that they want to buy for their own home libraries. This will provide a fairly accurate count of how many and which books you should order for your book sale. However, books can go out of stock or change in price without notice. You might have to ask for more money to cover increased prices or refund money on titles no longer available. Many students realize that they want to purchase books only after they have met the author. You may not have any books for these students.

Some schools predict their needs based on previous book sales in their school or in their community (from previous author visits or Book Fairs). This eliminates the problems of varying prices and inventory that might be associated with pre-ordering. You may sell out of a favorite title or order too many copies of less popular titles. You will need to pay return postage on unsold books.

Ordering from Scholastic is risk-free. We will accept returns on any unsold books, and credit your account. Simply return them to:

Scholastic Inc.
Attn: Book Returns
3030 Robinson Road
Jefferson City, MO 65111

Please enclose:

  1. A copy of your invoice
  2. A letter explaining how many copies of each title you sold, and how many of each you are returning, and a calculation of the balance owed.
  3. A check for the total cost of books you sold (if you have not pre-paid for your books), taking into account your 40% discount.

You are responsible for all postage or freight costs on return shipments.

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