Book Lists

Ready-to-Go Book Lists for Teachers

Find new titles and get fresh teaching ideas by exploring book lists organized by author, holiday, topic, and genre.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Book lists are an excellent time-saving solution. This collection is designed to accommodate every grade level; the book lists are organized by specific topics, units, authors, and themes.

Teachers, especially in the lower grades, are often expected to be experts on multiple subjects at the same time. Using ready-made book lists in your classroom reduces the hassle of searching title by title for books on a theme or to support a lesson plan. You can also use them to find new and exciting books to inspire your students.


Birds (Grades PreK–3)
Books for Teaching About Endangered Animals and Ecosystems (Grades 4–8)
Butterfly Books (Grades PreK–2)
Cats (Grades PreK–3)
Dinosaurs (Grades PreK–2)
Dinosaurs (Grades 3–7)
Dogs (Grades PreK–2)
Dogs (Grades 3–8)
Dolphins (Grades PreK–5)
Endangered Animals (Grades PreK–3)
Books for Teaching about Bugs, Insects, Spiders (Grades K–5)
Jungle Animals (Grades K–2)
Nonfiction Animal Books (Grades PreK–5)
Pigs (Grades K–2)
Snakes and Reptiles (Grades 3–5)

Award Winners

ALA Award Winners 2013
ALA Award Winners 2012
ALA Award Winners 2011
Caldecott Winners 2010s
Coretta Scott King Authors 2010s
Coretta Scott King Illustrators 2010s
National Book Awards Finalists and Winners
Newbery Winners 2010s
Pura Belpre Awards 2010s
Printz Awards 2010s

Biographies and Memoirs

Autobiographies of Writers and Illustrators (Grades K–3)
Autobiographies of Writers and Illustrators (Grades 4–8)
Biographies for Grades K–2
Biographies for Grades 3–5
Biographies for Grades 6–8
Courageous Women Biographies (Grades K–12)

Book Lists by Authors

Aimee Friedman's Great Paranormal Reads for Teen Girls (Grades 7–12)
Blue Balliett's Favorite Books (Grades K–6)
Christopher Paul Curtis's Favorite Middle School Novels (Grades 6–8)
Cornelia Funke's List of Books Mentioned in Inkheart (Grades 3–12)
Cynthia Lord's Favorite Books with Humor and Heart (Grades K–8)
Karen Hesse's Fantasy, Fun, and Frank (Grades 3–8)
Karen Hesse's Historical Fiction Picks (Grades 6–12)
Kate DiCamillo: Books I Love (Grades 3–7)
Lisa Yee's Spunky Girls I Want to Be Friends With (Grades 3–12)
Mark Teague's Favorite Fantasy Picture Books (Grades PreK–5)
Patrick Carman's Classic Read-Alouds (Grades K–5)
R.L. Stine's Favorite Scary Books for Halloween (Grades 3–12)
Rick Riordan's Reading Recommendations (Grades 3–8)
Rodman Philbrick's Books That Make You Want to Be a Writer (Grades 3–12)
Shana Corey's Books That I Love Reading With My Kids (Grades PreK–3)
Shana Corey's Books That Step Into the Past (Grades K–5)
Tiki Barber's Picture Book Classics (PreK–3)

Families and Social Issues

Autism (Grades 1–6)
Babies (Grades PreK–2)
Brothers (Grades PreK–5)
Books about Bullying (Grades K–8)
Grief (Grades 6–12)
Divorce (Grades K–2)
Siblings (Grades PreK–4)
Sisters (Grades K–3)

Folk Tales, Myths, and Legends

Folk Tales, Myths, and Legends (Grades PreK–5)
Folk Tales, Myths, and Legends (Grades 6–12)
Fractured Fairy Tales (Grades K–5)
Tall Tales (Grades K–5)

Holidays and Celebrations

100th Day of School (Grades K–2)
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (Grades PreK–8)
Back to School Stories (Grades K–3)
Banned Books (Grades K–12)
Black History Month (Grades PreK–8)
Chinese New Year (Grades PreK–5)
Christopher Columbus Day (Grades K–6)
Cinco de Mayo (Grades PreK–-5)
Earth Day (Grades PreK–2)
Easter (Grades PreK–3)
Father's Day (Grades K–2)
Fourth of July (Grades PreK–8)
Grandparents Day (Grades K–2)
Groundhog Day (Grades K–5)
Halloween (PreK–5)
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (Grades PreK–8)
Johnny Appleseed (Grades K–5)
Memorial Day (Grades K–8)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Grades PreK–3)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Grades 3–8)
Mother's Day (Grades PreK–3)
New Year's Day (Grades K–5)
Passover (Grades PreK–5)
Presidents' Day (Grades PreK–8)
Roald Dahl Day, September 13 (Grades K–8)
St. Patrick's Day (Grades PreK–5)
Thanksgiving (Grades PreK–8)
Women in History (Grades K–12)
Valentine's Day (Grades PreK–5)
Veterans Day (Grades K–5)


Alphabet Books
Dr. Seuss Books 
Counting Books
Eric Carle Books
Folktales, Myths and Legends
Mo Willems Books
Rhyme and Repetition Books


Books for Teaching About the  Earth and Sky
Books about Oceans
Books for Teaching About Plants and Trees
The Water Cycle

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Dragons (Grades PreK–2)
Dragons (Grades 3–8)
Fantasy Books with Free Teaching Resources (Grades 3–5)
Fantasy Books with Free Teaching Resources (Grades 6–8)
Fantasy Books with Free Teaching Resources (Young Adults)
Fantasy Series (Grades 3–5)
Fantasy Series (Grades 6–8)
If You Liked The Hunger Games (Grades 6–12)
Monsters (Grades K–2)
Vampires (Grades 8–12)

Social Studies

Abraham Lincoln (Grades K–8)
American History (Grades PreK–3)
The American Revolution (Grades 4–8)
Ancient Civilizations (Grades 5–12)
Colonial America and Native Americans (Grades 4–8)
Civil Rights (Grades PreK–3)
Civil War Historical Fiction (Grades 4–8)
Election Books (Grades PreK–8)
The Emancipation Proclamation (Grades PreK–8)
Historical Fiction with Free Teaching Resources (Grades PreK–5)
Historical Fiction with Free Teaching Resources (Grades 6–12)
Holocaust for Young Readers (Grades PreK–5)
Holocaust for Older Readers (Grades 6–12)
Books about Immigration (Grades 3–5)
Books about Immigration (Grades 6–12)
Presidents of the United States (Grades K–5)
September 11th Books (Grades K–5)
The Titanic (Grades K–8)
Underground Railroad (Grades PreK–8)
Westward Expansion (Grades 3–8)


Baseball Books (Grades PreK–8)
Basketball Books (Grades 3–8)
Celebrate the Olympics (Grades PreK–8)


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