The Magic School Bus Teaching Resources

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5
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In honor of The Magic School Bus's 25th Anniversary, we have put together some exciting ideas to supplement your current curriculum. These lessons and activities build on children's interest in The Magic School Bus and provide opportunities for hands-on learning.

Student Activities

Going Buggy With Ms. Frizzle

Virtual Field Trip to the Liberty Science Center

Book Lesson Plans

The Magic School Bus - Five Senses
The Five Senses

The Magic School Bus: Gets Lost in Space
Reading and Writing About the Solar System

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Heart
Healthy Heart

The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks and The Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About the Water Cycle
I Just Drank George Washington's Water!

The Magic School Bus Wild Whale Watch
Wild Whale Watch Lesson Plan

Ms. Frizzle's Adventures Discussion Guide

Author Q&A: author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen

Science Lessons

In the City: City Critters

Shows & Tells: Archaeology

The Busasaurus: Dinosaurs

Earth Science
Blows Its Top: Volcanoes
In the Arctic: Heat
The Earth: An Interdisciplinary Unit

Meets the Rot Squad: Decomposition

Forces and Motion
Gains Weight: Gravity
Goes on Air: Air Pressure
Plays Balls: Forces
Taking Flight: Flight

Human Body
Flexes Its Muscles: Body Mechanics
For Lunch: Digestion
Goes Cellular: Cells

Ants in the Pants: Social Behavior
Butterfly and the Bog Beast: Butterflies
In a Beehive: Honeybees
Spins a Web: Spiders
The World of Bugs

Kitchen Science
Baked in a Cake: Chemistry

Life Science
Gets Eaten: Food Chain
Goes Up Stream: Migration
In a Pickle: Microbes
Inside Ralphie: Germs
Works Out: Circulation

Machines and Buildings
Gets Programmed: Computers
Revving Up: Engines

Plants and Ecology
Dries Up: Desert Adaptation
Gets Planted: Photosynthesis
Goes to Seed: Seeds
Under Construction: Structures

Power and Energy
Energy Unit
Gets a Bright Idea: Light
Gets Charged: Electricity
Gets Swamped: Wetlands

Physical Science
In the Haunted House: Sound
Makes a Stink: Smell
Meets Molly Cule: Molecules

Lost in Space: Space
Out of This World: Space Rocks
Sees Stars: Stars

Water and Ocean
Goes to Muscle Beach: Tidal Zones
Rocks and Rolls: Water Erosion
Takes a Dive: Coral Reefs
Wet All Over: Water

Kicks Up a Storm: Weather
Makes a Rainbow: Color

  • Subjects:
    Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Archaeology and Anthropology, Planets, Moons, Solar Systems, Space Travel, Universe and Stars, Cells, Germs and Microbes, Human Body, Paleontology and Fossils, Early Science, Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Electricity, Energy, Heat, Light, Sound, Science through Literature, Seasons and Weather

The Magic School Bus: Science Fun Activities

Lessons designed to help you use Scholastic's The Magic School Bus as a supplement to your curriculum. The activities provided build on children's interest in The Magic School Bus and offer lots of opportunities to engage them in hands-on learning. Remember what Ms. Frizzle says, "Get out there and explore!"