Lesson Plans and Activities for Teaching Phonics

These 16 resources include interactive storybooks, fun rhyming activities, and more.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Want to try phonics in your classroom but don't know where to start? These free resources, including lessons and activities, will help you use phonics to promote reading success.

Professional Development Resources

Explicit Systemic Phonics by Wiley Blevins (PDF)
This detailed article describes the critical components of a good phonics lesson.

Preventing Reading Failure
This Q&A provides information on how to integrate phonics lessons with teaching reading.

Decoding Multisyllabic Words by Wiley Blevins
This article from Instructor Magazine provides the information you need to start teaching your class about syllable spelling patterns.

Professional Workshop
Review our summer workshop, "Supporting Emergent Literacy: Developing Story Language Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics."

Playing with Sounds by Wiley Blevins
This Instructor Magazine article offers classroom activities that build phonemic awareness, in addition to basic information on phonemic awareness, including the definition and descriptions of oral blending and oral segmentation.

Spelling Strategies: Make Smart Use of Sounds and Spelling Patterns
This article from Instructor Magazine offers advice on how to build phonemic awareness as a base for spelling skills.

Online Activities

Building Language for Literacy
This learning activity helps emerging readers identify letters, sounds, and words using interactive multimedia.

Clifford's Interactive Storybooks
Students read or listen to stories and identify words that correctly complete sentences. Fun interactive games ask students to identify letters, sounds, and words.

Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities

Alphabet Tree (PDF)
This learning activity is designed to help students recognize uppercase and lowercase letters. Using the alphabet tree worksheet on an overhead, students call out the letters and the teacher fills in the tree. Sample learning activity from Overhead Teaching Kit: Easy Phonics Lessons for the Overhead.

Which Letter? (PDF)
Help students practice their knowledge of sound/symbol relationships with this fun classroom activity. Sample learning activity from 201 Thematic Riddle Poems to Build Literacy.

Picture Dominoes
This game will allow students to practice matching rhyming sounds. Sample learning activity from Fun With Phonics: Beginning & Ending Consonants.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock (PDF)
Use this activity to give students practice with initial consonants and blends found in a favorite nursery rhyme. Sample learning activity from Mother Goose Phonics.

Word Power Assessment: Another Bag Full of Vowel Sounds (PDF)
Use this resource to plan a classroom activity that builds the understanding of vowel sounds. Sample learning activity from Literature-based Mini-lessons to Teach Decoding and Word Recognition.

Bat the Ball (PDF)
This fun activity builds word blending skills; includes reproducibles. Sample learning activity from Phonics Games Kids Can't Resist! in the Teacher Store.

Speed Drills (PDF)
These speed drills, from Building Fluency: Lessons and Strategies for Reading Success, will build fluency by helping students build their recognition of common syllables and spelling patterns.

The Nonsense Word Test (PDF)
Once students have reached a higher level of mastery, they are ready for this test, which asks them to apply their phonics knowledge to made-up words. Sample learning activity from Teaching Phonics & Word Study in the Intermediate Grades in the Teacher Store.

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