What Is Storia?

Discover the new e-reading app from Scholastic and how you can use it to motivate your readers. Plus, see how Storia is aligned to standards.

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Celebrate Reading With Storia

Welcome to the next generation of the reading classroom! Classrooms across the country are joining the shift to e-books and e-reading. Now Scholastic offers Storia, an e-reading app created expressly for your students—from emergent readers to fluent readers in the upper grades. Storia includes a hand-curated library to match students’ many learning styles and reading levels. And the reading experts at Scholastic have designed it to integrate seamlessly into all aspects of the classroom reading practices you already know.

The Storia E-Reading App

Storia is an interactive, educational e-reading application for children to use at home and at school. The free Storia eReading App provides access to a growing collection of thousands of e-books, all carefully selected to ensure a wide range of reading levels and genres. The combination of editor-curated book selections and Storia’s digital tools and features provides children access to hundreds of “just right” e-reading selections.

The Storia e-book library is geared toward children ages 3–14, with customizations for younger and older readers. For example, primary e-books include audio recordings, so the entire e-book can read aloud to a beginning reader, while more experienced readers also can use text-to-speech technology to hear books read aloud.

All Storia e-books come with a set of tools that support learning, including a dictionary feature and note-taking and highlighting tools. And many also include enrichment activities for fun and learning.

Most importantly, the Storia app comes with reports that allow teachers to continually monitor their students’ reading progress.

What Does a Storia Classroom Look Like?

A group of emergent readers is sharing a device and actively listening to text, making sound symbol connections to enhance word recognition. Another group is in a listening center, watching and listening to a read-to-me story and working together to complete interactive activities. They are engaged in sequencing a story by dragging and dropping images from the text to create a story narrative.

Storia tools are easily incorporated into any independent reading program. And the large selection of e-books, which have enrichments and other supports to make the text more accessible and the reading more fun, enables students to choose fiction and nonfiction texts at their reading levels.

You can also use Storia for buddy reading and for small-group and whole-class instruction. By projecting Storia onto a whiteboard, teachers can engage their entire class in a comprehension lesson or build background during small-group reading.

Storia features enable teachers to informally assess students as they read. While reading with Storia, students define new words, highlight key information, and make notes pertaining to the instructional focus. Teachers can monitor these comprehension activities to track reading progress over time. 

Design a 21st-Century Classroom

Storia introduces young students to technology that not only enhances learning, but also encourages them to develop the literacy skills they will need throughout their lives. Students reading with Storia will learn to navigate digital text, will engage in collaborative work and accountable talk, and will progress in technology and media literacy.

These are just a few of the 21st-century skills your students will develop by working with Storia:

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Information, media, and technology
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learning and innovation
  • Social responsibility and accountability

Motivate Your Readers With Storia

Getting your students excited about becoming readers is key to reading success.

With Storia, you have:

  • Tools that foster an immersive reading experience
  • A comprehensive collection of high-quality, high-interest texts results in engaged readers
  • Unique multimedia features that encourage students to reflect on text, inspiring them to interact more deeply with what they read
  • Enrichment activities that encourage students to practice oral presentation and language skills

Storia uses the power of technology to develop students’ engagement in text, desire to read, and love of reading.

How Storia Is Aligned to the Standards

Storia is closely aligned to Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. It supports content-area standards through a rich collection of nonfiction text, and it is fully integrated into ISTE Technology Standards.

Common Core English Language Arts Standards

Here’s how Storia e-books meet key features of the standards:

  • Reading: Storia’s wide-ranging e-book selection exposes students to a variety of texts from fiction to informational and ensures age- and grade-level appropriate text complexity.
  • Writing: Storia tools provide students with an opportunity to track thoughts and inferences while reading and to apply these ideas when they write in response to reading.
  • Speaking: Storia inspires students to communicate in an articulate manner and enhances interpersonal skills through book discussions and idea building.
  • Language:  Storia e-books expose readers to grade-level concepts and vocabulary and enable them to practice foundational reading skills. 

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Technology Standards

Storia also fully incorporates the ISTE technology standards, which promote the use of technology in schools to ensure students’ ability to analyze, learn, and explore digitally.

  • Using technology, students read, write in response to text, use tools such as highlighting and note-taking, and interact with enrichment activities.
  • Storia tools enable students to gather and evaluate text information and use those ideas to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions about text elements and topics.

Build a Lifelong Love of Reading

Just like your regular classroom library, Storia immerses your students in a world of literature and develops in them a lifelong love of reading. Storia’s tools, read-aloud capabilities, and enrichment activities build fun and learning into your literacy program.

But the real magic behind Storia is the carefully selected library of high quality, leveled e-books that captures your students’ imaginations and engage them in stories and nonfiction texts at their just-right levels. The technology will add relevancy to your reading program, and when you integrate the Storia e-book collection into your classroom library, students will become immersed in the wonderful world of reading. 

Downloadable e-reading resources: You can have students fill out the Storia Reading Attitude Survey (PDF), Storia Open Response (PDF), or Storia E-Book Response (PDF) to assess their attitudes about reading with Storia. You can also record your observations in the Storia Reflection Sheet (PDF).

Teacher Chat
“Eighty percent of the reading I do is on a screen, and I have no doubt that when my third graders are adults, they will be spending the majority of their time reading on a screen. So to prepare them for the future and for the reading challenges they’ll be facing, Storia makes sense.”

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