Internet Field Trip: Mystery!

  • Grades: 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Who did it? At what time? Why? Where's the evidence? If you're mad for mystery, then it's time to dig out your magnifying glass and investigate this Web tour!

Get ready to put your super-sleuth skills to the test at MysteryNet's page for kids. Here you can do everything from solving the mystery of the month to exploring the mystery of magic tricks. If you don't have much time to spare, then check out the quick-solves. You can solve these mini-mysteries in no time at all. Once you have the hang of it, try writing your own mini-mystery.

Did you know that the first mysteries can be traced back to the first-century B.C.E.? Discover the origins of this ever-popular genre at The MysteryNet, where older students can read the fascinating history of the mystery. Here you can also explore a time line of famous mystery writers from Edgar Allan Poe to Nancy Drew.

Traditionally mysteries are found in books, but did you know that you can also find books in mysteries? Bibliomysteries will fill you in on these literary cases. Find out what makes a bibliomystery then check the list of bookish whodunits, or take a peek at the murder weapons page. Who knew that the library could be such a dangerous place!

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