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Internet Field Trip: Children's Books and Their Creators

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

Kids love The Mitten, the folk tale adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett about the incredible stretching mitten that accommodates each animal newcomer who seeks shelter inside it. But did you know your students can print out animal masks for a mitten play at Jan Brett's Home Page? On today's Web, writers have created their own home pages to share their experiences and insights and offer more of their work. Exploring Web sites by and about writers and illustrators adds an excellent way to enrich your students' exploration of children's literature.

Author Virginia Hamilton made a career of telling good stories. Though she passed away in 2002, Hamilton's Web site is still available to readers. Your students can hear Hamilton explain how the stories told to her by her parents at their Ohio farm shaped her as a storyteller.

For very young children, writers and publishers offer fun things to do on the Web that will deepen the love of books. Children's author and illustrator Aliki and her book-loving cats show kids How a Book Is Made. Or, your students can visit Seussville — touted as Dr. Seuss' playground in Cyberspace.

While there's no substitute for a visit to the library, kids can browse at the Internet Public Library's Youth Division. There, they can submit book reviews, share a good book with other kids, and read about the lives of their favorite authors in their own words.

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    Literature, Literature Appreciation
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    Online Sources