Hannah Montana: The Review

Hannah Montana mania hits star's hometown for her first movie preview

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The last name of her on-screen character may be Montana, but the actor who plays her is all Tennessee.

Miley Cyrus, who plays the Disney TV character Hannah Montana, lives in Nashville. She held a series of events in her hometown this week to celebrate the Friday release of her new movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

In the movie, her character gets a reality check when sent home to the fictional town of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, after spending too much time as Hannah. Could the movie's story line be based in the reality of Miley's life?
While in Tennessee, Miley (the movie version) discovers she could enjoy life more if she gives up her on-stage persona forever. She becomes close to one of her old friends, Travis (played by Lucas Till), helps save the town from being destroyed for a shopping mall, and even manages to outsmart a reporter trying to crack the mystery behind her secret. But it isn't all fun and games when trying to balance her life between Hannah and Miley comes crashing down on her.
In addition to an exciting story, Hannah Montana: The Movie has a lot of new songs that fans will love. From the exciting "Hoedown Throwdown" to the heart-warming "The Climb," everyone is sure to find something that they like in this soundtrack.
Hannah Montana: The Movie is a great extension of the TV show. It is a combination of music and comedy that the TV version provides, along with the kind of story only a full-length movie can tell.

miley cyrus in a scene from hanna montana the movie
Miley Cyrus in a scene from Hanna Montana: The Movie. (Photo: Sam Emerson/Disney Enterprises)

In real life, Cyrus seemed to enjoy her time in Tennessee. For one thing, the movie was filmed in and around Nashville. For another, the red carpet premiere in her hometown included a multitude of country and western singers and their children, which is the world the real Miley Cyrus lives in. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a country singer. He released a new CD on Tuesday with a similar theme to his daughter's movie. It's called Back to Tennessee.

A bigger premiere was staged in Los Angeles, California, earlier in the week, but it was the family affair in Nashville that really excited Miley.

"I think it's awesome to be home showing the movie, because Nashville played just as big a role as any of the other characters in the movie," she told reporters. "Nashville really shined. But I think the most important thing in this movie is to be true to yourself."With the mirroring of her character both on and off screen, it seems she pulled that off!

Her next big screen endeavor may be more of a challenge, however. According a report in the Associated Press, the young singer/actor will begin filming the Disney movie The Last Song, in Savannah, Georgia, this summer. This film is not about Hannah Montana. The script is by novelist Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook).

It could be young Hannah/Miley will soon be growing up, and out of her popular TV character.

Hannah Montana: The Movie
Musical dramatic comedy
Starring Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment and Lucas Till. Directed by Peter Chelsom.
Rated G for General Audience
102 minutes


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