Get Students Talking About Books

  • Grades: PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Read-Aloud and Discuss
Technically, my daily schedule posted on the board each day should not be written as Read Aloud, but more appropriately Read-Aloud and Discuss. Discussing books shared is an integral part of the Read-Aloud experience.


Time spent talking about books following Read-Aloud:

  • develops language skills;
  • provides opportunities for expressing opinions;
  • exposes children to different perspectives;
  • opens up the world of debating;
  • allows time for delving into questions or feelings that may arise upon hearing a book for the first time;
  • broadens students' overall experiences with any given book;
  • enhances students' appreciation for literature.


Without time for discussion, the children's appreciation for books read will be limited to whatever thoughts had transpired in their own minds. Our discussions broaden students' appreciation for books through the thoughts and experiences shared by classmates. Using "tell me" statements can be an effective way to get students talking about books.


Ten "Tell Me" Questions to Get Students Talking About Book

  1. Tell me what you liked best about this book...
  2. Tell me about your favorite illustration in this book...
  3. Tell me about a favorite sentence or a funny remembrance from this story...
  4. Tell me about the characters in this story...
  5. Tell me something you have in common with or something that makes you different from one of the characters...
  6. Tell me what you would do if... (relate to problem in story)
  7. Tell me how you would feel if... (relate to feeling in story)
  8. Tell me about the problem (and solution) of this story...
  9. Tell me about something similar that has happened to you...
  10. Tell me something you might change in this story if you were the author...

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